Nintendo Switch – Toki Tori 2+ #128

A new direction but was it for the better?


Toki Tori 2+ – Nintendo Switch – Released: 2/23/18 – $14.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Two Tribes)

Toki Tori 2+ is an interesting game since it is really nothing like the original yet satisfying! I thought this game would be like the original but not even close, they removed the story and many of the skills Toki Tori had. There is an open area to explore with areas feeling much bigger than the original. You will be using birds and teleporters in each level to get to different locations. There are no set number of uses like in the original but now you only have a pound and whistle to interact with things. That is one of my biggest issues with the game that nothing from the original really returns. You go from point A to point B and every few levels help an Ancient Frog get to the exit. It is a shame that a game series took a 180 on a sequel when I felt as though the original hit the nail just right. The game is more mainstream as well with no very hard challenge levels which kept me coming back to the original every day. While the game does take a hard left, it is still a great game! I would give this game a 7 out of 10, for the new approach to the series, the lack of returning skills, and straight forward game.

This icon is pretty good only issue would be it saying “Epic Puzzle Adventure” under title:



I was surprised to boot up Toki Tori 2+ to find… it lacks much text dialogue. I had to go to their online website to find more information about the story. It involves an Toki Tori once more as the Toki Chickens wanted to have a floating island to satisfy their urge to fly. When they found out about a magical crystal that could float objects they took it back to their home. They used the crystal to bring the forest to the sky but resulted in the crystal undergoing too much pressure. The crystal started to release a black goo so the ancient frogs called out to Toki Tori to help them.

While the game doesn’t have much text you will see some story in the beginning as the Toris flee as the black goo separates them from Toki Tori. He then starts his adventure… it is a very strange beginning to a game that was pretty loaded with information in the original. I wish they went the same route to include something but instead opted to show off the open level design Toki Tori would have. They allow the player to move to the right to show off an open space that you will find throughout the game.

If you want more information about the game’s story check out the website:


The game removes many aspect of the original in favor of a game that is open area puzzles. You will primarily focus on three types of skills, the pound, whistle, and bubble to get somewhere or make something move in the world. Since the game took an open level approach there is much more trial and error for learning how to interact with each creature. You can collect golden pieces toward 100% the game but the goal of each area is to rescue the ancient frog. This means you will need to pound the ground to move crab platforms or whistle to call them over. You will meet frogs that give you the ability to bubble which you may need to chain to get to a new area. You can pound totem pole like structures to make another platform move somewhere else while some areas will have teleporters to move to another location. While the original skills are missing these bigger effect skills take advantage of the new open areas.

Personal Experience

Much like the original game I enjoyed every bit of this game but removal of things hold it back from an even higher score. This game would have easily gotten a 9 or 10 in my book if it included many aspects of the original but with the open levels. I would have loved if it was just like the original with some additions much like Lemmings 2 or Banjo Tooie. The worlds look amazing but I liked the smaller areas to better plan on take more thought in completing stages. These bigger areas means one big aspect that I loved is gone… the hard challenge stages. The original would soak up a ton of time due to these stages so a game that would take dozens of hours is now just a handful of hours.

Final Thoughts

This is where the game gets a bit odd since it does improve on things. Yet they removed some of the charm of the game by doing so. The new skills are nice but nothing compared to the original’s charm. I would like to give this game a 7 out of 10! While some aspects like the open level adventure is fun, the removal of story and not providing the original plus new set of skills is a step back.

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

Man this was a bit rough since I had started Toki Tori 2+ for a bit and was blown away by how different it was. It is a great way to distance yourself from the original game but not sure if it was a great choice. I love that it was still a fun and enjoyable game just wish it was more like the original. Highly doubt anyone would argue that it is a bad game just very different. I have several giveaways coming up soon so check those out in the next week or so. Little Triangle will be up Friday on the Nintendo Subreddit so enjoy that and good luck!

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