Nintendo Switch – #Breakforcist Battle #130

Why does this weird game have such amazing music?


#Breakforcist Battle – Nintendo Switch – Released: 4/12/18 – $9.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Lucid Sheep Games)

Seriously if anything listen to the music….  No matter what I say the music is some of the craziest things I’ve heard. Remember Tomodachi Life when you could get on stage and create your own lyrics? Think of that but much much better. If I could buy the vinyl, I would!

#Breakforcist Battle is a breakout style game with food based power ups. It is an interesting game but you have to know what you are paying for going into it. While the game does often very little in terms of content the co-op and multiplayer is where this game shines. I heavily enjoyed playing the game solo and once in a while playing co-op alone which was interesting. You will be spending the bulk of your time playing co-op with a friend or the battle mode. Single player is just breakout so not much to say there and co-op is the single player mode but with two small paddles that share a screen right down the middle. Battle mode is like the single player mode but the objective is to knock out your opponents while clearing your junk. The battle mode has new power ups as well to hinder your friends. I will gladly give #Breakforcist Battle an 8 out of 10, while I enjoy playing solo it would be great if there was more to offer all around. 

The icon is pretty basic, I do wish it showed all the playable characters in boxes or food:



There really isn’t a story but I wonder what it would have been about… The game is pretty weird already so I think it would need an equally weird story if it had one.


The game is a basic breakout type game but like I said it has food power ups. These are where things can get crazy. You have the common ones like shield, freeze, fireball, and multiball. Then you have pancakes which are large balls that can hit two blocks and one hit shield blocks. The bacon launcher lets you shoot out bacon every second for a few seconds. The lightning bolt lets you send a vertical bolt down the screen destroying everything in its path. Egg Frenzy sends out three extra power up blocks. All of these power up can stack as well so you could have pancakes then multiball to have 3 giant ones. When it comes to battle mode, you gain flipper, waffle storm which sends waffles to every opponent, and tiny paddle. 

Personal Experience

The first time playing this game I couldn’t put it down I had played enough rounds to fill up the leader board for single player. I really do wish it had some sort of online leader board so I can see where I stack up. My highest score right now is almost 300K which I got by a lot of luck. I do have to say the game slightly bugged out for me once and let a random ball continue moving while stages loaded up. I know this was a bug just because it never happened again. I wasn’t able to try out the multiplayer until this weekend but the solo stuff was enough to give the score I gave in the short review. Multiplayer games become harder and harder to play with friends as you get older for some reason. So sitting on a couch with my nephew was really the only way to play and I forced my cousin for three player. It was great but limited is the issue with the game, I want more and it doesn’t provide anymore.


Final Thoughts

#Breakforcist Battle is an incredible start to a series that I hope gets expanded on. The world doesn’t need to be crazy detailed but having some story would have been great. I would like to know why all these characters are in this world. Why are they battling it out? I would have easily paid $20 for a game that included some sort of story mode that gave me those answers. I gladly give this game an 8 out of 10, the music is amazing with its warning music and slow downs when you get close to the final block, the game’s core mechanics are great but I just want more.

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

Yes, I did take that picture by the way…. I was originally going to make everything from scratch but decided it against it when I saw waffles and pancakes at the dollar store. Yeah I can be pretty cheap but to be fair everything was eaten right away. If I did it all from scratch it would mean cooking everything and laying them out. For this picture I just popped them into the toaster and microwave and within 10-15 minutes everything was shot. I really wish I owned a vinyl player and this game made me think about purchasing the vinyl but it didn’t have all the songs. It is on a smaller vinyl as well so not even sure how they would work. Hopefully you enjoyed this review since I really love this game and hope the team the best. Let me know how you liked the review, if you plan on picking the game up, and I’ll see you in the next review!

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