Nintendo Switch – Little Triangle #131

But where are all the big triangles???


Little Triangle – Nintendo Switch – Released: 3/1/18 – $14.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by KONANDENKI)

Little Triangle is a very strange game since not a ton is explained yet really enjoyable if you want a platformer. It isn’t a tough as nails platformer but it isn’t Modern Mario easy, it is right in the middle. The biggest issue I did have was super repetitive music, the stage one song is reused way too much. The entire first world uses the same song which drove me nuts then I took on the challenge mode to find out that there is other music. When you get to a boss in the story mode, the music changes as well from the stage music. The bosses remind me of Rayman Legends where they are much bigger than you and you must learn a range of patterns. All the bosses are themed with the worlds so the Factory level has a machine type of boss. I would give this game a 7 out of 10!

The icon is a bit interesting but wish it had the title of the game, all games should:



The story is a bit boring as a world is being attacked by aliens and kidnap all your friends. It is your job to collect them back and defeat the aliens. I found the collecting part to be great because if you go to the “House” menu you can switch to any of those characters you saved.


Little Triangle is the bare minimum when it comes to gameplay. You have a jump, double jump, and you jump on enemies to defeat them. You will need to dodge projectiles, lasers, and enemy attacks. The boss battles play out the same way but sometimes are unique like requiring you to bounce on a missile to drop it to a lower level. Then an ally will pick up the missile and launch it at the boss. It is fairly standard which is great for a game that is only $15.

Personal Experience

I really enjoy this game but it is basic so what you see is what you get for multiple worlds. It does get fairly tough but it works up to the difficulty nicely without rushing. It isn’t until the jungle world that I got to really have trouble. It has a ton of diamonds to collect and minigames to play that you must purchase with diamonds. I found myself mainly playing solo but I did get a chance this weekend to try with my nephew. He liked it as far as I can tell but got bored of it rather quickly and wanted to switch to something else. So I guess this would be good for a starter platformer but din’t expect them to sit around for a long time waiting to play it.

Final Thoughts

The only issue I had with this game was that it is short… There isn’t a ton to do but for the price, you get what you paid for. It only took me a few hours to beat the game but you do have option of co-op, battle, and the challenge mode which is a runner style level that tests your skills. I would give this game a 7 out of 10, while it isn’t nothing to tell everyone about, it is a solid game. Nice level design but repetitive music that may drive you nuts after a few loops. I would have loved to see more stages and hope a sequel is in the works since it is a solid starting point for a series!

My Gameplay Footage:



End Credits

Surprise surprise! A little late but here it is finally! Remember to check out the giveaway on the Nintendo Subreddit to enter to win a copy of the game!

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