Nintendo Switch – The Final Station #132

What has happened to this world that a train conductor is the saving grace?


The Final Station – Nintendo Switch – Released: 2/23/18 – $19.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by tinyBuild Games)

Just read the full review since it is a pretty short game at around 5-6 hours depending on how much you want to rush through it.

Like this icon since it shows everything you need to know about the game:



As a train operator you drive your train to different stations but there is a zombie take over. You are a new operator that goes station to station looking for supplies, survivors and trying to keep everyone safe. As the operator you have to keep your train up and running to reach the next station. That is basically the entire premise of the story as you explore areas you learn more about the people and what is going in this world.


This game I would say is 2D shooter but a bit on the slower side. You will explore areas but you be attacking enemies from time to time. The bulk of your adventure will be collecting goods and finding people. You will be collecting information to learn about the world while exploring buildings and sewers to find out what has happened to this world and what made it get to this point. My issue with this is the controls can be a little weird. Shooting should be pretty straight forward but the analog stick locks on to areas and doesn’t feel very accurate. You can’t just touch the screen and shoot in the direction you picked either. It is a bit questionable, why they didn’t have you just touch and shoot where you want to.

Personal Experience

I found this game to be a bit nerve wrecking since the beginning sets you off on an adventure that seems incredibly hard. You are dropped into the world and have to venture out into a completely zombie taken over building. It is really unsettling since you don’t know anything about your character but you are immediately taking out zombies. Nothing gets as hard as the opening but the thought of dropping down a ladder into a room filled with 5-10 zombies seems always possible.

Final Thoughts

While the game is fairly short it was still a fun experience. Not many games have you control a train or drive it. Only game I know that has you doing the same thing was Zelda Spirit Tracks. I liked the environment that they drop you into and the opening is great for preparing you for what may happen in the future. I would give this game a 7 out of 10, its environment is great, the game absorbs you into a believable world, you just don’t get enough for the price, and aiming is a bit weird at times.

My Gameplay Footage:

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End Credits

I got confused by the date this game came out I noticed while writing it. I got ClusterTruck and The Final Station the same week. This should have went out first but thought ClusterTruck came out first. Either way I was playing this during my vacation and my girlfriend hated it. She hates zombie stuff so while sitting next to her she couldn’t look at the game. The opening freaked her out which was funny since she didn’t know when it would be like that again. I was only able to get an hour into it at that point and it never got that bad. It is an interesting game, I was shocked that I liked it. The only issue was that it is short and I don’t know what is going on with DLC since online it says something about “The Only Traitor” is a DLC pack so not sure if the game just has everything or missing something. As always let me know how you liked the review and what you think about the game! Remember to check out the giveaway that is happening on the Nintendo Subreddit for Little Triangle, all you need to do is post to be entered.

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