Nintendo Switch – Tesla vs Lovecraft #133

Guess 10Tons really put what they learned over the years to make this game!


Tesla vs Lovecraft – Nintendo Switch – Released: 3/16/18 – $14.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by 10Tons)

It seems like all the hard work 10Tons has put over the years has finally hit big or at least bigger than their other games. I found that most are average to good so shocked to find this one pretty great. It really takes the best elements from other games to make a great game. Tesla vs Lovecraft seems more like a carbon copy of their other top down shooters and in some ways you would be right. The teleporting comes from Time Recoil, the story from JYDGE, and the best top down controls from Crimsonland. The only thing that is missing is the randomly generated levels that were in Neon Chrome. Shameless plugged that I have reviewed all of these… Top down shooters are one of my personal favorite genres so take that into consideration as you read more of the review. I would give Tesla vs Lovecraft an 8 out of 10, the only issue I really have is that it made me want more by the end. I am kind of glad that this train ride is over but can’t wait to see what 10Tons puts out next since I know they informed reviewers that this would be the last game for a while.

Wish the model was a bit higher quality but other than that looks great:



The story is pretty simple surprisingly Tesla is doing a presentation when Lovecraft comes in and tries to stop him. Lovecraft gets sent to jail while Tesla is showing off his electricity project. Once back at his lab Tesla’s lab is set ablaze and monsters run out of the building. Tesla hunts them down to find out Lovecraft is behind it all and now the great battle begins.


This is a standard top down shooter by the makers that gave us three other top down shooters so many of the aspects I explain here will be identical to their other games, which you should check out. You use a twin stick shooter lay out for the control so the left analog moves your character while the right analog aims. Tesla has the ability to teleport short distances but can only be used 3 times before it has to recharge. You have the normal firing and you have a special that typically kills enemies in a small area or right in front of you. As you level up you will be able to pick out perks that range from health upgrade, shot firing upgrade, or more damage. If you are able to collect all the parts for you mech, you can activate it to use it for a short period of time. It can use some power ups but it equipped with two machine guns that can sometimes be worse than your current weapons. That about covers everything you can do and the game has a co-op mode for two players.

Personal Experience

I’ve been waiting for this game for a long time. When I first starting reviewing their games I thought this would come sooner but nope not after several other games were ported to the Switch. Most of these were just fillers to make some extra money which I’m not against but some of these games were rather small and not worth putting much time into. I know starting this game I was absorbed into the story since I like Lovecraft so should be interesting to start. I wasn’t disappointed which is great but it wasn’t enough, I was able to blast through the game in under 8 hours. More than enough for a budget title which is great and it was mindless fun. Seeing the quotes in the opening is pretty great even though I am not sure how real they are.

Final Thoughts

I loved the story of the this game even though it wasn’t a ton of information outside of the opening. I just loved that 10Tons really stepped up the plate to give us something that used everything they learned. Being able to see their other games and then arrive at this one is a treat. You can tell that much more work was put into this game and it is an excellent example that when groundwork is laid out, you see great results. I will gladly give this game an 8 out of 10 for its amazing experience, unique story, and great use of their previous games. It is just a shame that nothing was really expanded on outside of the games they produced.

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

Given that this maybe the last game for a long time from 10Tons you really should check out their other games. I know they are working on Undead Horde but it has no date and Tesla vs Lovecraft took a while to produce so my guess is the end of this year or early 2019. I can’t wait for that since the footage shown off so far looks great with its summon mechanic. It is interesting that they have ported so many games to the Switch and I was able to review most of them. So shameless plug but here if you want to check those out:

Neon Chrome


Time Recoil


Other than that I will be going back to other games for a while since man the last few weeks have been rough with reviews. I have too many to count and not enough help. Pedro has been on the back burner with school work so it has been rough for us to keep up with things. Really should look into getting another person to help out but can’t seem to find any good reviewers on the subreddits that I know are reliable. I should still have the giveaway going for another 24 hours if I time this correctly on the Nintendo Switch subreddit so check that out as well. As always let me know how you enjoyed the reviews and ask any question you may or may not have on the game itself, see you guys on the next review!

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