Nintendo Switch – The Coma Recut #135

Scary? If you think jump scares are, then you will be right at home!


The Coma: Recut – Nintendo Switch – Released: 12/21/17 – $19.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Digerati)

The Coma is a strange horror game that by the end you will still have plenty of questions. My first run I didn’t know there were multiple endings so after 100% you get a true ending and…. well it still doesn’t explain things very well. By the end I wanted more information so hopefully “The Coma” gets a sequel. For the bulk of the game you will be trying to dodge the main enemy while collecting information about this world. There was a ton of backtracking for things so if you aren’t into that sort of gameplay I wouldn’t bother. It is a lot like if Resident Evil 1 met Slender man, a ton of information but you will be gathering one item and going back to old locations. While the game is basically a huge fetch quest the story they lay out is very detailed. I wanted to know more by the end so not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing… maybe going back and reading more of the text stuff will explain things better. I would give this game a 7 out of 10, while the experience feel unfinished I enjoyed the environments, the twisted nature of the school but the combat and story leaves too much open. I know I already pre-ordered the physical copy of the game either way.

I really like this icon since it has a close up shot which is rare in icons:



Youngho meets a new student but she flat out ignores him and tells him to get lost. He is a student in high school that have just started their exams when a student tries to commit suicide. After the ambulance pulls away he finds a pendant that belongs to his teacher. He picks it up and heads to class to take his exams but gets stopped by the school bully to not rat him out about picking on the student who tried to commit suicide. Once he gets to his classroom, he forgets to give his teacher the pendant so decides to do it after school. He falls asleep in class while taking the exam to wake up to a dark school that has been twisted. As he walks around the school he notices odd things before getting attacked by his teacher. Youngho runs into the girl he met right before the suicide attempt and she informs him that this isn’t the same world. His job now is to escape the school and find out what happened to him.


Like I said in the short review, you will spending the bulk of your time backtracking. The school isn’t super huge but passages will be blocked, items will need to be gathered and you can’t run into your teacher. You do have the ability to hide and you can do it in front of the enemy and they won’t notice. It’s very forgiving when it comes to hiding. It is possible to dodge her if you get cornered so if anything you are never really in danger. I  believe I only died once throughout my run and it was my fault for not seeing that she was still int he room when I came out from hiding. There is a ton of information to gather if you decide to go for the 100% as there are notes to gather that explain more of the story but can be out of the way to obtain.

Personal Experience

While I did enjoy my time playing the game, it is rather short. My first run was about 4 hours long, my second run to get 100% was around 4 hours as well because I knew what to do. I would say it is possible to get 100% your first time through but not worth the trouble since the true ending doesn’t explain more much. I still had a ton of questions about what was happening. It is kind of depressing, what is really going on and the way of presenting the story is like waking up from a bad dream by the end. I wanted more by the end which is good and bad since good because it means I enjoyed my time but bad because it doesn’t explain enough. In a way it is like Five Nights at Freddy’s, you are given enough information to piece things together but it still has plenty of holes.

Final Thoughts

The Coma is an interesting game that made me question a lot about what is going on but didn’t give enough to fully explain the story. I would say if the price does drop or you are looking at the retail copy go for it. It is worth running through at least once but don’t expect anymore than that. I would give this game a 7 out of 10, The Coma is an enjoyable experience and a good take on the Korean Horror genre but doesn’t tell us enough that requires a sequel to explain things better. The school setting is spooky with the main enemy being a school teacher but the explanation of why other students are there make little to no sense after you escape.

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

Man this review took a long time! I didn’t get to it right away since other things came up and it just sat in my inbox until I forgot I had it. I really wanted to play this game since not many scary games were around at the time. Then a slew of horror games started to come up so it got put on the back burner. Glad I finally got to it since I did enjoy it but there are now games equal in quality coming out or already out for the Switch. I do have the physical copy preordered but that is mainly because I definitely can see this game becoming really rare in the long run. 

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