Nintendo Switch – Vesta #136

Wish they used the comic book style throughout the entire game!


Vesta – Nintendo Switch – Released: 1/19/18 – $9.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Final Boss Games)

Vesta is a very interesting game since it uses a co-op style without actually being co-op. This sort of gameplay is rare and I don’t remember any games off the top of my head that pulled it off well. This is one that does do it well and provided excellent puzzles that use both characters well. You will find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out puzzles as you move energy to different locations or use your robot to toss you across areas. Really wish it was possible to play co-op since these game would be a great one if it had that ability even if it required two copies of the game. I would give this game a 7 out of 10, while not perfect by any means it presents a solid sci-fi puzzle game with interesting concepts, the lovely comic book cutscenes along with the in-game graphics look great but barred by the weird start menu.

Really like this icon just wonder what is behind Vesta:



Vesta is pretty weird when it comes to story because levels have comic book cutscenes that cover the bulk of the game. You start off with Vesta just walking up and she is the last human. Her goal is to return to the surface but it isn’t easy to get there due to the dangerous areas. She will have to fight robots, move energy from damaged robots, move across platforms, or thrown across to find a way to the surface. 


This game is a sci-fi puzzle game that uses two playable characters at the same time. For the most part you will need to move energy from one place to another using Vesta. Other times you will be using your robot to move things around or take out robots. All the puzzles are pretty standard with some interesting ones requiring Vesta to be thrown over things using the robot. I found most of the puzzles to be pretty great but nothing that stood out. I found myself mainly throwing Vesta or Dashing to beat levels faster. Wish more was going on in sections or we had a two player options since some times I would move Vesta to find out I needed to do something somewhere else or my robot is too far away to be much help. Everything moves kind of slow so if you need to do something like wait for a platform and you mess up it takes a bit.

Personal Experience

If you want a game well worth the price this is one of them. I spent around 15 hours trying to beat the game, this is the main reason why my review is coming so late. While some puzzles felt a bit slapdash in the middle. They weren’t as solid as early and late game levels, they are still a nice break. Vesta plays rather well but there is one issue I do have if you mess up right before the next section you will need to rewatch or skip cutscenes. This happened multiple times when I would be almost done a room to throw myself into a hole or dash into an enemy. Every once in a while I wish I could just have a friend or family member play with me since levels would be shorter but the game is fairly long already. I wouldn’t mind the game being 5-8 hours if that was the case.

Final Thoughts

I would say go for it but the lack of multiplayer is a bit rough. The game would be much shorter if that were the case but I would have loved the addition. It is a game that fits so well with it certainly if it was split screen. I highly doubt they were update to fix the issue. I would give this game a 7 out of 10, while it does have some boring and tedious sections it is overall a nice experience. The comic story telling is an excellent idea that I wish was used more throughout the game. Not sure why the menu looks so bad while the comic book design would have been great to use for the menu.

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

Reviews have been piling up pretty bad lately with games getting longer and longer it seems. I have been looking for another member but can’t find anyone reliable which is a shame. The search will continue as always while I wait for my artist to get back to me about something pretty great in the works. I have been bouncing a ton of ideas with him and he has shown me some great stuff so can’t wait to show it off. I’m looking for at #150 reveal or between 150-200 to show them off.

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