Nintendo Switch – Lode Runner Legacy #139

Did anyone notice console releases of Lode Runner hasn’t happened since 2009?


Lode Runner Legacy – Nintendo Switch – Released: 3/29/18 – $11.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Micheal Myers Public Relations)

Starting up Lode Runner Legacy I was sure what to expect but not to the extend they were able to give me. I thought it would just be a classic Adventure mode but I found several modes that could keep anyone glued to the screen. Lode Runner is a very old classic style puzzle game that requires the player to break blocks to collect gold. Each level may require a player to dodge enemies or trap them. It is a very simple to play game but hard to master as levels will get tough and Legacy provides enough modes to even have veteran players scratching their heads. I have been playing the series since 3D on the N64 but never really got back into it. I would see a new title or a re-release of the classic NES version but none would keep me playing for a long period of time. Legacy is in that same boat but with short levels and quick loading, I can pick up and play a few in a row or squeeze in one here and there. With 120 new stages and the 150 classic stages, you will find a ton to do and that doesn’t include the World Levels that are created by other players. I would give Lode Runner Legacy an 8 out of 10!

I really like this icon but the “legacy” is a bit hard to read:



Lode Runner Legacy has a pretty simple story since it is the same story they use for all the games. An empire has stolen the pieces of gold and you are now on the hunt to take them back.


How to play is pretty simple you will use the left analog stick or d-pad to move your character while you use Y or A to blast the ground. Each stage has you collect a number of gold pieces before the level lets you leave. Most levels will have enemies that you can trap using your blaster. You cannot attack enemies directly you need to use the blaster to take out the ground and enemies will either fall into them or depending on the enemy take a different route. You will need to play some of the Adventure mode to unlock everything. The different modes are Adventure, Extra (this has new enemy types), Puzzle (has no enemies), Classic (Original game), and World Levels. The game also includes a two player mode and a craft mode. World Levels are levels from other users that used the craft mode, the craft mode can make levels, characters or gold piece designs. Each level has high scores which grant you 1 to 3 stars so if you are a completionist there is a ton of replayable but for others you can just keep moving.

Personal Experience

I was able to get through most of the adventure mode and puzzle. There are some things I enjoy but the bulk of it I found myself just opening the game playing a stage or two and then playing something else. The World Levels are a really great idea but barely any levels are worth playing to be honest. I found most of the characters to be great though. I’ve been using a Kirby one that is based off the tilt and tumble series but not sure how long things like that will stay. I haven’t touched the two player mode that much since my nephew doesn’t like how the game looks so I end up just playing the entire stage solo. 

Final Thoughts

I wish the game was better supported by fans but that would require people to be great at creating things as well. I’m terrible at that sort of thing so I haven’t touched the “craft mode” at all. Somethings I know I am not good at so rather not waste my time trying to create something when people have made better things already that I can use. One thing I do wish is online co-op since I would love to play with friends, they have local co-op so not sure why they didn’t go for that as well. I would give this game an 8 out of 10, it has solid level designs, excellent music, but lacks online co-op and a little expensive for the amount of content you are given at around 270 stages not including World Levels. Each level only takes a minute or two depending on how quickly you can think with none taking me more than 5 minutes to complete. 

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

Not much to say here but remember to check out the Nintendo Subreddit for my giveaway for the game!

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