Nintendo Switch – Animated Jigsaws Beautiful Japanese Scenery #144

Not saying I had very high hopes for this game… but yeah…


Animated Jigsaws Beautiful Japanese Scenery – Nintendo Switch – Released: 4/5/18 – $9.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Rainy Frog)

Just read the full review… I give this game a 4 out of 10.

The icon is pretty cool but that is about it:



There is no story just placing puzzle pieces.


You either can use the touch screen to move pieces around or you use the analog stick to pick a piece and move it around. When in a puzzle you have the option of separating pieces by ends and insides or the option of just keeping them mixed up. I prefer to keep the pieces separated so then I can complete the edges then work on the middle. There is the ability to play up to four players but there is no bonus for doing so. Everything is a bit slow when moving pieces and since pieces are animated it can be pretty tough to get the right pieces in the right places. Having up to 240 pieces is a nightmare… I tried it once it took me around an hour to complete.

Personal Experience

I have mixed feeling about Rainy Frog since they produced one of the few games I will play from time to time. Piczle Lines DX, which is a great game by the way, but aside from that they produce average to sub-par games. Animated Jigsaws is another one of those sub-par games. It has potential but it is a cluttered mess to play over any amount of time. When I first booted it up I expected there to be dozens of puzzles but there isn’t that many, most are enjoyable to look at. I don’t like giving games bad scores because of controls or lack of content but that is exactly what is wrong with Animated Jigsaws.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately I would say pass it might be better and cheaper just to buy actual puzzles. Even if you played with friends or family. You could at least show other people what you did and if you hopped on Craiglist or eBay you likely can get the same amount of puzzles for the same price as this game. I would have t give this game a 4 out of 10, the lack of content and the painfully slow movement drove me insane. I don’t see myself doing a 240 puzzle every again on this as for the bulk of the puzzle I found myself just trying to force a piece someone until I was done.

My Gameplay Footage:



End Credits

This was a bit rough as it was fairly easy to judge the game right away but took me a long time to complete all the puzzle since I didn’t want to just put an hour into the game. I wanted to give it a fighting chance since I like Rainy Frog. I even took the game to my cousin’s place and she didn’t even want to bother. My nephew well he doesn’t like puzzles so couldn’t get him to sit and play with me to begin with. I just hope Rainy Frog puts out so more higher quality games since this has been pretty rough for them.

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