Nintendo Switch – Swim Out #145

Having a ton of fun in a pool throwing beach balls at people!


Swim Out – Nintendo Switch – Released: 3/20/18 – $5.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Lozange Lab)

Just read the full review not a ton to talk about, I give this game an 8 out of 10!

Simple icon but do wish it had the title on it:



There is no story but would love to know why so many people are in pools with the same outfits.


This is a movement based puzzle game. You will navigate through a pool or multiple pools dodging other swimmers. Each movement will cause all the other swimmers to do something. It is a fairly simple game but gets devilishly hard in some stages if you want to collect all the stars. There are items and hazards that can change how these other swimmers or yourself move. My favorite item is the beach ball which you launch at other swimmers to stop them for a short amount of time. My favorite hazard is the water sprouts that send a wave across the pool and if hit stops you or another swimmer for a bit. These come out rhythmically after 3 turns so well timed can save you from being hit. There are many types of swimmers as well, one will move each turn in one direction until the edge of the pool then turn around, another will just sit on the edge and block that spot, there is also one that will do backstrokes that take two turns before they move.

Personal Experience

I have been slowly playing this game and there are stages that gave me a headache. The game is really fun and to get 100% will really test how you plan ahead. This game truly is a hidden gem since I don’t see anyone talking about it even during the release week. For $6 you really can’t go wrong, the only minor issue I had was not having a faster move option. I would find myself mashing the D-pad to move faster and end up going too fast then crashing into a swimmer I thought I wouldn’t hit.

Final Thoughts

While this game looks very basic I found myself having a ton of fun squeezing in plays here and there. Only downfall is sometimes it feels a bit slow paced and some stages are a bit longer as they have you traveling through multiple pools. I wish they had some sort of story but I honestly have no idea what it would even be about. I give this game an 8 out of 10, for the amazing price, difficult 100% puzzles, but sometimes I wish stages were broken up into smaller stages and had a faster move option.

My Gameplay Footage:



End Credits

Swim Out was an interesting game and I would love to see what this company has in store in the future. If it is another movement puzzle game that would be fine with me but if they try something different, it would be cool to see something that is based on another sport. As always tell me how you felt about the game, check out other reviews and I’ll see you guys in the next review!

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