Nintendo Switch – Pirates All Aboard #150

Wish there was a bit more meat to this game…


Pirates All Aboard – Nintendo Switch – Released: 4/13/18 – $5.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by QubicGames)

I would just read the full review, another basic game that really needed more meat but it is playable. I would give this game a 4 out of 10. While it is playable there just isn’t that much and is fairly poor for a Switch release.

Icon is really good, it stands out against other games plus I love pirates:



There is no story and this is something that would have been great to have.


This game is fairly basic as you are tasked with going on destroying other boats in a small area. There is a handful of boats that all have different firing types and all can pick up special abilities. The larger boats have slow movement but have several cannons fire from the sides while smaller boats can move faster and have front firing cannons. The special abilities range from increased health, ramming, and ???. Each boat is different but the biggest changes are each button have you firing a different way. This can be a bit rough since each boat will handle firing different so you may have a boat that X fires only one way, R fires a different way and ZR fires the say way as X. It becomes a pain pretty quickly if you want to try all the boats. The goal of the game is to destroy boats in a set amount of time. Other modes include multiplayer and an endless mode. The endless mode is a bit different as it has you trying to dodge things going down a path.

Personal Experience

The game just drops you in without explaining how to play which is my biggest issue. You are given a load screen that tells you the buttons and the list of special but after that game drops you in to take on other boats. This would be fine if the screen keep the instructions up for a bit but the other thing they tell you is how to steer and move faster. Once you are in the game though it is fairly easy to pick up but you will either die or do terrible the first round. I played several rounds of the normal mode and got around 1200 points which is about destroying around 8 or 9 boats. I found that endless mode was a chore because it is too easy. I only died my very first round and endless mode was really endless. I played for around 30 minutes and was done with it.

Final Thoughts

I would say this game isn’t broken and works rather well but has no meat for the price. The game is even called Pirates All Aboard! so I expected some pirates climbing onto my ship or having the ability to take over other ships. Nope, just attacking with cannons and using specials. I found the game to be really easy as well which can be a pain since never dying feels bad. I would give game a 4 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

This has been a rough couple of reviews from Qubic… I love Robonauts so to see basic games like this is a bit of a wash. I want them to produce fun unique games but this was hard to be nice to. It is a shame that they are receiving a low score from me since I really like their games, Astro bears is a fun multiplayer game and Robonauts is a great shooting games. I will be taking a slight break from bigger games because currently I received a handful of games from NISA to cover that will last me until July and since they are all big games I need to focus on finishing them. I will still be putting out small reviews like this with big ones here and there but currently I am focusing on some huge games that need to be done by release. As always have a great day, let me know how the review was and I’ll see you in the next one!

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