Nintendo Switch – Three Fourths Home Extended Edition #156

Everyone needs a sad story about family…


Three Fourths Home Extended Edition – Nintendo Switch – Released: 5/10/18 – $8.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Digerati)

This is a pretty short review so just check out the full review, I give this game an 8 out of 10!

The icon is pretty great but do wish it had the rain as well:



Kelly has gone out to visit her grandparents house when she gets a call from her mother. She wants to know why Kelly didn’t say anything before leaving and why was she out there. She had just returned home from living on her own and listen to her family talk about what has happened to them. Three Fourths Home is a game that is really meant to be played so I will leave it at that since any more will spoil the story. 


The game is fairly simple since it is like a visual novel. You will be presented with lines to read and then answer them how you feel at that moment. The game wants you to play multiple times to see how the different responses. Each answer you give will change the story somewhat but the ending never changes in my experience playing through multiple times. 

Personal Experience

I am no stranger to Three Fourths Home as it is a game that I purchased the game around launch. It is a sad game, the first time I played it I was in college sitting on a couch with my friend. She played through the entire game as I watched, it almost made me cry once I understood what was going to happen. It is a reminder that you should always stay in touch with your family or you will be severely out of the loop. 

Final Thoughts

Returning to Three Fourths Home Extended Edition was a breath of fresh air as I play through the Epilogue for the first time. Answering some questions I did have about the story. Three Fourths Home Extended Edition is a game that many people should experience if you have ever went away for a long period of time, went to college, or just moved out of your family’s home. It is a game that reminds us that people do get busy and things change quickly for better and worse. I would give Three Fourths Home Extended Edition an 8 out of 10! It has excellent immersion as you are driving home the rain going over the text, passing through locations as your family ask about where you are, until you are nearing the end to find out what has happened. 

My Gameplay Footage:

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End Credits

This was a weird game for me to review since it has been several years since I last played it so I thought I would feel differently about it. The issue now would be that the same feelings from the game still are present today. Even though I sat with a friend and watched her played the entire game… I haven’t spoke to her in over 2 years now. It is a weird feeling that a game could still be valid at any point in someone’s life. This is why I say that Three Fourths Home is a game that everyone should play at least once. While most people will not get the full value of playing the game or want to run through it multiple times. People really should give this game a shot since no matter who you are you will connect to it in some way. 

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