Nintendo Switch – Bit Dungeon Plus #160

Another port but one that I still have a soft spot for!


Bit Dungeon Plus – Nintendo Switch – Released: 3/8/18 – $8.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Dolores Entertainment)

This is another fairly short review so just read the long review, I give this game a 9 out of 10!

Still testing out these out:



Now things get a bit weird here since there is no information in the game for the story but there is story on the Nintendo page…. There is just one problem the Switch page claims that you woke up and can’t find your friend. The 3DS page says your loved one. The WiiU page says the same thing as the 3DS page. So what happened? Besides that the story is the same as you wake up, your friend is missing, you grab your sword and go into the dungeon to find them.


Randomly generated rooms to attack monsters is the game in a Zelda or Binding of Issac sort of fashion. To proceed to the next room you need to defeat all the monsters in the current room. Once all the monsters are defeated you can pick up loot. You pick up items that increase damage or defense and they change how you physical look. So if you pick up a weird helmet your character will don a weird helmet. If you pick up a longer sword it will show a longer sword but it doesn’t extend the range of your attack. The second mode is Babel’s Tower which is like a time attack mode as you will need to clear rooms quickly. Once you clear enough rooms you proceed to the next level and gain more time. You will only lose if you die or run out the timer.

Personal Experience

Funny enough I have this game on the 3DS already so playing it on the Switch was kind of a weird thing. The 3DS has the dual screens which helps a ton for games like this that have a map. I spent a ton of time on the 3DS so to have this on the Switch doesn’t change a whole lot but interesting to play it again without the easy map. I definitely will sink in plenty of time into this game in the future. 

Final Thoughts

While it is nice to have this game on the Switch there really isn’t anything different from the 3DS port. If you have a 3DS and want to save $1 get it on there, if not just pick it up on the Switch since it is a newer console. I would give this game a 9 out of 10! While nothing has changed over the ports it is nice to see a good game just come over without any big changes for about the same price.

Trailer: (This is the Wii U Trailer since no Switch trailer was found)

End Credits

Going to keep the next few pretty simple so I’ll just check you guys in the next review! Thanks for reading!

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