Nintendo Switch – MUSYNX #163

Sometimes companies really do get it the first time….

Nintendo Switch - MUYSNX - Live Stream Screenshot 2018-06-08 18-58-18

MUSYNX – Nintendo Switch – Released: 6/21/18 – $29.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by PM Studios)

Some of the things I am going to say come from the heart… I love Superbeat: XoNIC and haven’t put it down and MUSYNX is currently in the same boat. MUSYNX is an excellent music game that falls really hard when compared to Superbeat. Superbeat has a ton of polish and love put into it while the music isn’t as diverse and I like the music more in MUSYNX, it has many issues. Many of the things in XoNIC wouldn’t translate well into MUSNYX but somethings that should have been present, were not. I can understand the removal of online, the lack of tutorial, and the lack of modes. The things I don’t understand is a simple outline around notes to show when they are timed together or a “set” mode for picking multiple songs. These two things are my main concerns since in XoNIC I was easily able to identify when notes are played at the same time. MUSNYX doesn’t have this so it is hard to judge if a note is played together or separately at faster speeds. This makes playing with buttons extremely hard when you are playing with 6 notes instead of 4. MUSYNX is much easier to grasp for beginner players despite these higher level helpers. Even though the game plays much like Guitar Hero, notes can be played fairly early or late in some cases without breaking your combo. I would give this game an 8 out of 10!

Cute icon just wish it had the name… and yes, I took this from my livestream:



There is no story, it is strictly a music game.


If you have ever played a music game it is identical to most of those games. Certainly Guitar Hero as it has the scrolling toward you lines with buttons across the bottom like a reverse DDR. There are four types of difficulties and the ability to make the game harder by speeding up how fast notes appear. The four types aren’t straight forward though since some times it drops in difficulty. You have the option of 4 or 6 notes at a time and between easy and hard. In rare cases picking 6 notes may be easier than the 4 note choice.

Personal Experience

I really enjoy this game but it does present several new issues that shouldn’t have been issues. I can easily see pass them but the simplicity of XoNIC was that everything was a bit more player friendly. It would be nice to get an update addressing some of these issues but not sure when or if we would get them. My main concerns are the lack of knowing when two notes are played together, the random slowing down mid-song to show a tempo change, and the lack of other modes. I can do away with most modes but the lack of a set playlist is a bit rough. This mode brings me back to XoNIC all the time since I want to try different songs so being forced into certain songs and picking three is great. The other issue is the order of songs… it is broken up by genre which is great but now I can’t find the hardest songs easily. I wish there was a way to change up the order of songs since sometimes I just want to see how much I’ve progressed over time. 

Final Thoughts

Even with its flaws and issues, I still enjoy playing this game. It has replaced XoNIC for the most part but I still return to XoNIC because I like the music a bit more. I also love the layout much better. Either way, I would give this game an 8 out of 10! I do hope they fix some of the issues I’ve stated but it is unlikely since they are big changes that I’m sure wouldn’t be an easy on and off. I do look forward to the next game PM Studios and Acttil are working on but hope it is XoNIC 2 or something similar. 

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

This was a rough game to be hard on since I know I will likely spend a ton of time on this game. I know already I’ve spent between 10-20 hours in it and wish some issues were fixed but I still come back for more. Well anyway keeping this short since I do have almost a dozen reviews almost prepped for next week which I will have another reviewer help me on. Have a good day and hopefully I see you in the next review!

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One thought on “Nintendo Switch – MUSYNX #163

  1. Both were published by PM Studios and Acttil and in the same genre. It is fair to compare games to each other certainly when they are in the same genre and same publishers.

    They are different developers but a review will compare it to other games in the same genre. Much like everyone will compare “A Hat in Time” to “Banjo Kazooie” to “Yooka Laylee” or “Mighty No. 9″ to Megaman”.

    I still gave the game an 8 out of 10 so it isn’t like the game is terrible but with two key aspects it would have been an easy 10 out of 10 for me. The lack of modes, simple addition of some sort of glow to show notes are played together and not an easy way to see difficulties across all songs are a big issue. The last two are bigger issues to me than the lack of modes since this game doesn’t have online, any leaderships board, any identification for getting a perfect song, or a challenge mode with different settings.

    When people are looking at games like DEEMO, VOEZ, XoNIC, or MUSNYX, they will want to know key differences between the two. Given that XoNIC and MUSNYX are published by the same company those games will be judged even more when people are at a store looking at them side by side and only see PM Studios on the box. I could have easily been harsher in my review by not mentioning XoNIC but that wouldn’t be fair as it is still a solid game but lacks in comparison to other music based games.

    Saying I am unprofessional because I mention other games is uncalled for considering other reviewers that reviewed Yooka Laylee and Mighty No. 9 mentioned Banjo and Megaman through out their reviews. It is fair to compare games to each other because it is a personal opinion. You may disagree with what I say but MUSYNX is in no way a perfect game.


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