Nintendo Switch – Sly Spy #162

Soooo I’m pretty sure someone was in love with 007 making this game!


Sly Spy – Nintendo Switch – Released: 5/3/18 – $7.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by FTE Games)

Fairly simple run and gun arcade game, I would give this game a 7 out of 10!

Icon is pretty standard for Johnny Turbo’s games as it is the title screen:



Fairly simple story you are an agent tasked with killing terrorists that have invaded the city. Kill them before any innocent people are killed. 


Sly Spy is a run and gun arcade shooter. You will be picking up new weapons from time to time, picking up health packs, and killing enemies to use the golden gun. The golden gun has unlimited bullets, gives you invincibility for a short time and your bullets are much larger. The stages are the best part about this game since there are many different areas from the normal street, motorcycle, and underwater sections. 

Personal Experience

I’ve run through this game several times over the last few weeks. I really enjoy this game I wish one of the barcades near me had it so I could play it using an arcade stick. I have tried it on my PC using MAME but for the most part it doesn’t feel as good as standing at a machine. I really enjoyed going to the different areas since all of them change up how you play the stage and take out enemies. 

Final Thoughts

This is just another arcade port but one that I enjoyed much better than the other ones. When it comes to Johnny Turbo games it really is up to personal preferences since many of these games are based on one genre. It is rough to say if it is a good recommendation or not but I do hope down the line we get a collection cart of all the games they have released. I really look forward to Joe and Mac since those are games I have played in arcades. I would give this game a 7 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

Simple review trying to prep a dozen reviews for when I go away so going to keep these end credits brief as well. I’ll see you in the next review!

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