Nintendo Switch – Jumping Joe & Friends #166

Collecting diamonds all day every day?


Jumping Joe! and Friends – Nintendo Switch – Released: 5/25/18 – $4.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by QubicGames)

Really short review so just read the full review, I would give this game a 7 out of 10!

Simple icon that I wish had the spiked platforms or the power ups showing as well:



There doesn’t seem to be a story it just has you jumping forever up a mountain as Joe or one of his friends.


The majority of the game you will just be pressing either Left, L, ZL to move left up the mountain or A, R, ZR to move right up the mountain. You will need to dodge enemies and spikes that are all over the map. The spikes will either be part of the stage or retract once you get close enough to them. Once retracted you will be able to go further up. Bats will come up from time to time and move in a circle movement so you will need to squeeze into platforms. Powerups such as a rocket will appear to take you several platforms up or you will run into a gas that will make your camera zoom in. You have other modes as well like Multiplayer, Race, and Hero modes which are tidiest to unlock due to one requiring you get 300 points in 60 seconds and the other scoring 600 which isn’t too bad. You can take your time to get the 600 but the 300 points in 60 seconds requires a lot of luck. 

Personal Experience

Strangely enough I’ve been playing this game a lot since it is fast paced and quick to load up. This makes a run that typically will only last a minute or two quick to start and rack up some diamonds. My biggest is the cost for things since you need insane luck to unlock the other two modes by the speed ways so your best bet is to purchase them using diamonds. Diamonds are gathered in singles unless you grab a double power up. So unless you put a ton of time into this game you will not be unlocking everything. 

Final Thoughts

This game is really fun even if you don’t unlock much in the game for $5 you are getting a good time. I wouldn’t say it is the best game Qubic has put out but they sure are going in the right direction. I definitely think this is one of their better games but do wish the unlocking wasn’t as bad since I doubt I will ever unlock everything. What happened to games that you purchased and it had everything unlocked for you? I would give this game a 7 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:

Will upload once I get back from vacation!


End Credits

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