Nintendo Switch – Sling Ming #170

For such a cute game how is this so hard??


Sling Ming – Nintendo Switch – Released: 4/5/18 – $11.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Good Night Brave Warrior)

Surprisingly a simple game so just read the full review, I would give this game an 8 out of 10!

Love this icon even though in game looks nothing like this:



Ming is trying to find out why there are so many quakes in her kingdom. She journeys down to find that there are machine, ropes, and strings all under her castle. She wants to figure out what they lead to and who is controlling them. She eventually finds out what is going on and the cause of the earthquakes.


This game is no joke… It has one hit lives so if you die you must restart the stage but on top of that physics are really weird. The game is a physics based puzzle game that has you moving points around before launching Ming to the next point. The problem with this is Ming is always moving so even if you stop and wait a while she will sway left and right. This is hard to predict and if you have to go down she will push down once she hits the next point. When you have to speed through sections this can be a bit tough since you will need to wait until she gets to certain sways so she doesn’t hit an object. 

Personal Experience

This game really reminded me of World of Goo as I moved points to different locations and then let Ming go to see what happens. It is surprising that this game hasn’t got a ton of attention since it is really a great time if you have patience. You will need to take your time to finish the game which isn’t long once you get the controls down pack. I still found myself dying toward the end so it isn’t a easy game by a long shot. I do hope this game sold well since I would love to revisit Sling Ming in the future with a sequel of some sort. Would be great to see what Good Night Brave Warrior are working on at currently since the physics in this game are fun to mess with.

Final Thoughts

I would say this is a great game but the issue with difficulty could be a turn off for buyers. It can be really unforgiving at times but since load times between deaths is next to nothing you are quick to get back to where you were. The only issue being you may have to take another several minutes to get back to where you were to give it another shot. I would give Sling Ming an 8 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:

Will upload once I get back from vacation!


End Credits

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