Nintendo Switch – SpiriteSphere DX #180

This was a pretty fun ride all things considered!


SpiritSphere DX – Nintendo Switch – Released: 7/2/18 – $10.00

Short Review (Review copy provided by Fabrazz)

Pretty short review so just check out the long review, I would give this game a 9 out of 10!

The icon is pretty great since it shows a lot of characters and very clean title:



The game has a short cutscene explaining that who ever is able to defeat their foes that would be able to get one wish. Surprisingly that is it but each character has their own story lines that people would need to play through. Each are different so it would take up a good chunk of this review if I were to explain all of them. 


This game is pretty easy pick up and play game depending on the mode chosen. You will always need to hit the orb into the goal. Depending your character you will have different methods of attacking the orb but Y button will do a normal attack that you can charge if you hold the analog stick while attacking you can curve left or right. Every character has a second attack using the A button which range from a spinning attack, wide spread attack or create a shield in front of you. You have the ability to dash and this is also depended on your character as some will be able to teleport across the map. If you have a character that doesn’t teleport you will be able to hit the ball with the roll as well. 

The different modes in the game are Regular match, Campaign, Hand2Hand, Squash Mode, Boss Mode, Target Mode, Practice, Sphere Fountain, and Options. Regular match is pretty self explanatory as it allows you to play normal matches with friends or computers with or without items and change the type of Sphere. Campaign is the story mode with 8 characters, 4 unlocked and 4 locked. Hand2Hand is my second favorite mode since this is when you have the console sideways and vs each other. Squash… well Squash is weird and I still don’t understand how to win, I always win because of luck. You and your opponent are in a box stage and you both hit the sphere. When you hit the sphere it becomes your ball and if it hits the opponent they are out. If it hits a wall you get a point and if you hit the ball again it resets the point. Boss mode requires 3 players and it is a 2v1 battle. Target mode has you solo or with another play bounce a ball back and forth as you try to hit different objects in the middle. Practice just allows you to practice different characters and see what they do. Sphere Fountain lets you pay 100 coins which you gather by playing the game and giving up your coins will unlock new items. Options is my favorite mode because it has “Frisbee” and it is basically run and catch game with your character.

Personal Experience

Now this game is a bit weird but I liked it a lot. I do wish it was possible to have a vertical attachment for the Switch for this game already so thankful I got the flip grip pre-ordered. This game is going to be so much better with that layout. My only issue with the game came in the form of a bug… I did report it but it did require me to restart the game. He did inform me that he would have someone look at it and that he was sorry it happened. The game would be a perfect game if that didn’t happen and sadly I have no idea what caused it or how to even recreate it. It never happened to me again so many it was just bad luck. The game while playing through one of the story campaigns decided to stop showing text. So the cutscene played out but no text and no way of progressing the story. I had to restart the game to fix the problem when I did it again the game went through with no issues so no idea what was wrong. Other than that the game has been an excellent time.

Final Thoughts

This game is a lot of fun, I’ve been playing it with my girlfriend a whole lot since it is easy to put into hand to hand mode and quickly get through a match. The only issue I had was the one crash but they know about it so hopefully it isn’t a big deal. The game has many characters to get through to learn their story which is great for replayability. I would give this game a 9 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:

Still uploading a ton of videos so will get to this soon!


End Credits

This review was done a bit ago but ran into an issue so had to email the developer about it. He was super quick so was going to wait for a patch but never ran into the problem again. I decided to just release the review closer to release instead of earlier when everyone else was releasing theirs. 

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