Nintendo Switch – The Fall #181

You can’t recover momentum once you start slowing down…


The Fall – Nintendo Switch – Released: 5/10/18 – $6.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Over The Moon)

The Fall is an interesting game that tries its best to keep the momentum going in the opening sequence throughout the game. Sadly after the opening you are confronted with a slow middle section that makes you feel as though you are walking through water. The Fall is an action adventure puzzle game in the same vein as older PC adventure games. You control an AI as the man that has gone unconscious during the fall to the planet. On this planet you find that the locals are hostile so finding a doctor to help the man is a tough journey. You will need to solve puzzles to get to new locations as you find weapons, cut off hands to unlock doors, and a bucket of blood to attract monsters. The game has a great flow in the beginning drawing you deep into the story but slows down immensely once you are out of the first hour. It is sad because I sat down and played this game multiple times in a few sittings. I just wish the opening momentum kept going throughout the game. I would give this game an 8 out of 10! An incredible start for Over the Moon and I already purchased The Fall Part 2 Unbound to see if the story continues to impress me. 



The Fall opens with a man falling from the sky onto a planet as the suit activates multiple protections to keep the man from dying due to the fall. Once landed the AI takes over and informs the players that our character is unconscious and we need to seek medical attention. After looking around on the planet you find that the locals are hostile and other people have came and died while on the planet. Our job is to find the man help and find out what is going on.  


In the short review I pointed out that this is an action adventure puzzle games. You will quickly find a gun to take our enemies but you will also need to pick up items. These items will unlock new paths for your character to take and for the most part it is a straight forward experience. Only so many things will help you out but you will quickly understand how to keep going forward. Some puzzles are a bit rough but none of them are impossible to understand after some thinking. The most I spent on a puzzle was a few minutes tops and it was during the opening sequence when you don’t understand controls as well. After that it was a lot of take items here, do this there, scan this item, and use this item at this location. 

Personal Experience

My biggest issue with this game is that it is shows you how to do certain things but drops them soon after. I figure that this was because of how short the game was. I beat it within 5 hours the first time and after playing it several times I was able to beat it within 3 hours. The game does pad out some areas with combat that could take 5-10 minutes here and there and it is a shame of how short it is. Many things in the opening seem important but are rarely used again so it was just for showing off what you could do if you wanted to play the game a different way. One thing was learning how to camouflage which seemed important. After the opening though unless you wanted to sneak by enemies it would never be used again. It is faster to take out enemies than it is to sneak by them. I’m not sure if the PS4 or X1 have trophies or achievements for a pacifistic run but that would be the only reason to go that route. 

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this game. It was one of the game I played while on vacation and I got stuck a little in the opening but it was just me being dumb about a puzzle. By the end you want more and it took a long time to get a sequel and I know a third game is in the works but no clue when that will come out. I would give The Fall an 8 out of 10! It pulls you in but slowly pushes you away once you are an hour in. Thankfully it ends quickly so it doesn’t overstay its welcome.

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Keeping these short this week again as I have to go away again to handle some personal issues with my family. I have set up around 10 reviews to go out over the next week or two so keep out for those. As always let me know how you enjoyed the review, if you plan on picking up the game, and have a great summer!

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