Nintendo Switch – Journey Down Chapter 1 #187

So the Journey Down isn’t what I thought it was going to be…


Journey Down Chapter 1 – Nintendo Switch – Released: 6/21/18 – $9.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by BlitWorks)

The Journey Down Chapter 1 as the name implies ends with a cliff hanger so if you want to be spoiled by the entire game please proceed on…


No, I’m serious… Don’t read the rest of the review if you don’t want to be spoiled. I would give this game a 8 out of 10!



Hopefully you took my warning serious since the game is fairly short so you aren’t going to get a whole lot of story. The game stars Bwana, Kito, and Lina, the villain who were currently don’t know if after a book. This book is The Journey Down, it is a book that leads people to the Underland. Lina is searching for the book when she finds Bwana and Kito who are fixing up their Gas Station. Lina asks them about the book and Bwana helps her find it in his father’s room. Lina request their help but their plane is out of service. Kito informs Bwana of what is required to fly the plane again so he looks for the parts. That is the entire premise of Chapter 1… It ends with Bwana retrieving all the parts. 


This is a standard bare bones point and click adventure game. You will have to talk to NPC, collect items, figure out small puzzles, and advance the story until you finish the game. The best part about this game are the jokes which remind me of Grim Fandango and the music… if anything you should listen to all the tracks. They are way too good to be in an average point and click game.

Personal Experience

As much as I enjoyed the time with Chapter 1 it doesn’t get good until Chapter 2 since the opening is very short. You are introduced to characters and they take a fair bit of time doing that before you go on your fetch quest. It is a shame to see this game turn out so short but if you spend enough time talking to NPC and taking your time. It is an excellent experience. It is only rough due to how short is it. I recorded the gameplay after I beat the game but I was able to beat the game within 2 hours of starting it and this included watching all the cutscenes. In my gameplay video I took my time talking to everyone and letting them answer all the questions.

Final Thoughts

Journey Down is a fun experience but two things hold it back… Price and length. The price of $10 is a bit hard to swallow when it can be beaten in around an hour. My gameplay footage is around 1/3 of the game and if you are racing to finish it you can beat it in less time. Once you already know the passwords, where items are located, and the story… You can easily beat it quickly each time. I do have to say if they come out with a physical version containing all three chapters, it would be worth the purchase. I would give “The Journey Down Chapter One” a 8 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:


Cocktail: Bwana (Fun Fact: Bwana means Boss)


1/2 oz Rum

1/4 oz Vermouth

1/4 Gin

Dash of Absinthe

Dash of Kirshwasser

Warning: This is rough… It will put hair on your chest but not Bwana’s balding!

End Credits

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