Nintendo Switch – Miles & Kilo #186

Who has ever flown a plane with their dog???


Miles and Kilo – Nintendo Switch – Released: 7/5/18 – $7.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Four Horses)

This is a fair simple game so just check out the full review, I gave this game a 10 out of 10!



Miles and Kilo starts off with your dog and you riding a plane… but you aren’t driving the plane, your dog is. He sits in the front seat and that means he is driving. After he flies for a bit you notice that you have flown off course, right over a haunted island. A mysterious figure comes and strikes the front of the plane with a bolt of lighting. The plane crashes and the pieces spread across the island. It is up to you and your dog to find the pieces and return home. 


The gameplay is broken down into three modes. You have Miles who is just a normal platforming section, Kilo who drags you along but has a homing attack, and the Boss fights which require you to deal damage to the boss in multiple ways. The game is fairly simple to be honest as Miles you platform and required to kill enemies with apple while Kilo is more like Kid Tripp. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how Kilo works but if you are having issues with his gaps. If you homing attack onto an enemy you continue to hold the jump button to go further.

Personal Experience

Kip Tripp is a game that I already loved a ton but did have a minor flaw… the constant repeating due to what I thought were unfair deaths. The always moving forward creates problems and the game suffers because of it. Miles and Kilo did away with that with an option to auto run. This is great game design choices for people who liked the old method but want something easier. The game is much more playable because of this and mistakes feel as though they are my own. I loved that the developers went with this option as it was the fatal flaw for me anyway for the first game. The gameplay footage I took was the first time I played it but after stopping the recording… I went back to finish the game in one sitting. I just couldn’t stop for a second since every time I beat a level I told myself only one more level to go and another and another then I was done. 

Final Thoughts

Miles and Kilo is a sequel done perfectly! It checks each point form the previous game and add some new twists as a topping on top. Did they have to add the option either auto run or control your character? No, but this is great for improving the overall gameplay experience for the player. You may think this is a step back but like other games that do sequels right, it is about making the player have options. I give Miles and Kilo a perfect 10 out of 10! It takes what made Kid Tripp a near perfect game for me and spins it just slightly in my favor. The music, cutscenes, spot on gameplay, and the amount of polish is what makes a good game, a great one.

Note: Since I know Four Horses reads these… If you do decide to make a mug with the Kid Tripp and Miles and Kilo icons I would love to purchase it. 

My Gameplay Footage:



Well none this time around since it is a very kid friendly game so not including one for this review. Sorry kids!

End Credits

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