Nintendo Switch – Eternal Edge #191

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Eternal Edge – Nintendo Switch – Released: 4/12/18 – $20.00

Short Review (Review copy provided by Righteous Weasel)

Eternal Edge is a very odd game that plays a bit weird but looks surprisingly fun despite many flaws. This game suffers from several problems… some that could be updated by patches or could be fix with further optimizations. I gave this game a few months to review since I wanted to know if any of these problems would get addressed, they didn’t. The same problems form day one are still present. It is a shame since Eternal Edge looks very cool. I like the design but that is all it really has going for it. The game is really easy to start off, I would consider this a child’s first RPG. The story isn’t a masterpiece, the combat is simple and easy to grasp, and exploring the world presents no real adventure. The game is as basic as they come with a the most generic RPG story telling to start your adventure quickly. Eternal Edge is fun at times, the opening sequence is funny, a little mysterious but characters since to just vanish. I wanted to enjoy this game and I did at some points but wish there was a bit more polish. I would give this game a 5 out of 10, the game is in no way broken but the bare bones nature of it presents new problems for any player certainly on the Switch.



As said in the short review the game is basic. Cross is the main character that wants to be an adventurer but with the help of his friends he sets out to kill the Skeleton King. While they are out to go to the castle they decide to take a short nap before the battle. Cross wakes up to find he is all alone. He ventures to the castle without everyone else and once there finds that his friend has already been killed. The Skeleton King defeats Cross but does not kill him, Cross decides that he must avenge his friend. He finds that he must gather the secret powers of four to gather enough energy to defeat the Skeleton King. If this sounds a lot like classic Final Fantasy, it is because it is very similar expect you aren’t gathering crystals. 


A game that has a lacking story but great design should have a solid gameplay style right? Sometimes is the issue, it is still a child’s first RPG, so the game can be beaten by mashing the attack button. There is a dodging mechanic and even a shield but it is best to not bother since you can easily kill enemies by spamming attack. It doesn’t help that the world itself is strange with other character being very tall or enemies that look like aliens. The game does present some unique areas but these areas are filled with strange enemies that even an alien planet would have a hard time producing. Eternal Edge doesn’t seem like a world that is much different than ours so why I am standing next to a 10 ft tall person while I am 4 ft tall. 

Personal Experience

I liked the opening of this game a lot but then the Switch limits started to show their leaks. The game suffers from massive load times, your characters doesn’t move very fast and pop in textures are everywhere. If you wanted to see some of it check out the gameplay footage. It is a shame since the game looks cool but everything else is a bit of a drag. I forgot to mention this game isn’t very short either but this is likely due to how slow your character moves. There isn’t even an option to move faster.

Final Thoughts

Switch might not be the best platform to play this on but I don’t think switching to another console would help any more. The game suffers a lot on Switch with performance issues, long load times, and pop in that is only a few feet away from the character. It is a shame because if the game didn’t suffer from any of this it would be a game I would recommend to people for children. It is super easy to pick up and play, combat is simple, the game looks great when not in motion, and overall a simple game. Sadly I would have to give this game a 5 out of 10, the problems on Switch are too severe with many of them that could have been fixed with patches.

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