Nintendo Switch – Squids Odyssey #193

Well this was a very pleasant surprise!


Squids Odyssey – Nintendo Switch – Released: 7/5/18 – $14.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by The Game Bakers)

Sometimes life gives you a curve ball and I would definitely say Squids Odyssey comes from left field. Typically when I choose to send that late night or early morning email to request a review copy, I know exactly what the game is. I thought Squids Odyssey was going to be a basic, bare bones, turn based strategy game but what I got was a game I couldn’t put down. Squids Odyssey really shocked me since its good… like really good! It isn’t perfect but what it does provide is a long campaign and a good story along with it. You will find yourself carefully aiming your team to defeat the enemy, equipping new items or changing up your team to best fit the mission. Some characters are much better as each have their own perks like healing when nearby, launching an attack from a distance, pushing all enemies close by far away, or just a tank characters that can be your front line. The only issue I found was you can be combo’d easily if you are between a rock or in this case a spiked enemy and a wall. I found myself losing a character multiple times when I wasn’t super careful and getting in just the right spot to take them out in an instant. Even with those times I found myself enjoying the game for the 20 hours I sunk into it. I would give Squids Odyssey, an 8 out of 10!



The story is surprisingly simple but the interactions between characters is where you find the most enjoyment. The game starts you off with three characters talking when they notice a dark ooze is infecting the sea life. They plan on fighting back the ooze to save their friends and the ocean. Fairly simple story but every time there is a cutscene you get a little drop of how unique every character in your team can be.


Like I said in the short review this is a turn based RPG but you are controlling squids. Each turn you will be able to move your team but you move them by launching them forward. You will pull them back and they will go in the opposite direction you pulled them in. Very simple but really addictive since each character can only move so many times and they all have special abilities. Depending on the character you will be able to heal teammates, snipe enemies from a distance or be able to move several times to get into the best position for attack. Characters can equip items as well so make sure you pick the right equipment to take out enemies if you are stuck on a level. Each level has one goal but they also have minigoals like collecting items, defeating enemies in so many turns, and keeping your entire team alive. If you want to get 100% on this game it will take a while and it isn’t easy.

Personal Experience

After recording the gameplay I did put it down for several days since I was rushing through to get gameplay footage complete. Once I did go back I ran through the game in a few days. It felt surprisingly quick once I notice how much I was enjoying it. Squids Odyssey pulls you in quickly with the gameplay with its easy to learn but hard to master aspect. This game definitely deserves more time to shine as it is a game that is unique and offers a lot that many games aren’t willing to try out. Did I think I would like a squid based RPG? No, yet here I am 20 hours into a game still trying to 100% it since I only need to clean up a few more levels. 

Final Thoughts

Squids Odyssey definitely feels great on the Switch with the touchscreen support. This is a game that I would recommend you play in handheld since TV is a bit harder to control in my opinion. Doesn’t feel as nice as pulling back yourself and getting really close to the screen as you hope it goes where you want. Squids Odyssey is a great price for the amount of time to beat it, characters are enjoyable without overstaying their welcome, and gameplay is responsive, fast but does put you in bad positions from time to time. Squids Odyssey is a game people really should check out since it will keep you entertained for the entire time. I would give it, an 8 out of 10! While not a masterpiece, it is a great slice of what the Switch can offer when you look beyond the “indie” label people are so quick to give games that even remotely look like it.

My Gameplay Footage:


Cocktail? Not this time, trying to limit them to non-rated E games

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