Nintendo Switch – The Way Remastered #198

Sometimes things are better off this way…. dead.


The Way Remastered – Nintendo Switch – Released: 4/20/18 – $14.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by SONKA)

The Way Remastered is a game that I wanted to do well so I waited a while on this review. The game launched with many issues and some game breaking ones that disabled you from finishing the game. Those were the biggest issues they had to iron out but are they good today? Yes and no, if you were originally one of the people that played the game your option is to “Emergency Restart” to fix the issues and if you are just starting you are good to go. My first run was a bit of a mess with me unable to get through certain sections, today that isn’t the case and I breezed through the game. SONKA has been very connected with the community on getting these issues fixed and reported back news constantly, it is what I expect indie teams to do when presented with issues. The Way Remastered is a platforming adventure game that starts off very dark as you dig up your wife’s grave to find a way to bring her back. It is a sad story from beginning to end as you are trying to uncover the secrets to bring back the dead and immortality. You will need to kill enemies with your gun, solve puzzles, and jump through dangerous areas. I would give The Way Remastered, an 8 out of 10!



The opening of the game and start screen paint the picture clear as day. Someone close to you has died and when you start up the game you are digging up that grave. You take your wife back to your apartment in search of answers. At the time you were looking at a way to bring someone back from the dead and give immortality to someone. You are looking for a spaceship to fly to a location that may have the answers but it is uncharted and no one has any evidence that the process will work. Goal is to solve the secrets of this land, bring back your wife, and make it home safely. 


While the game is just a standard platforming puzzle game, the journey can be a bit rough. Enemies can be sometimes unforgiving and puzzles can only have one correct path or you will die. The times when I had to use my gun to take out enemies can be a pain since the platforming aspects meant if I took a step in the wrong direction… I would see the game over very quickly. Many of the puzzles are fairly easy with some trial and error but the combat needs to be exact most of the time. I found myself many times between enemies that and a pixel closer or a pixel back would result in my death. Some cases you just have run and gun to deal with enemies which can be a pain due to the movement.

Personal Experience

Where do I even begin since I actually tried to complete this game multiple times before giving up. Not knowing what caused the bugs was a real pain so booting it up and just playing it was shocking. Everything was fixed and gave me no more issues. I commend the team for hunting for all the bugs with community help and fixing all of them. I don’t expect that from big teams or small teams so to see that happen is shocking. Booting the game the first time was sad since the opening hits close to home… not that close but close as in losing a love one. So I was excited to get through the game to find out what happens. When I couldn’t complete a stage I restarted, still nothing, so playing it now has been a great experience from beginning to end. If anything this game is proof that SONKA listens to feedback and quickly addresses those issues. 

Final Thoughts

While somethings just take time to repair themselves at the end of the day, The Way Remastered is a good game that deserves a second chance. Will it get it? Likely not but hopefully more people pick it up since it is a good game. It tells a deep story of pain and sadness with average platforming and puzzles. You feel for the characters deeply as losing a love one is extremely difficult. I would give this game an 8 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:


Cocktail: Resurrection


1 oz Triple Sec

1 oz Gin

3 oz Orange Juice

Cherries infused with 1 oz Absinthe and 1 oz Cherry Liquor

This cocktail takes a bit since I infused the cherries with absinthe and cherry liquor over night.

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