Nintendo Switch – Sonic Mania Plus #200

Nice way to end a on a high note for the big 200!


Sonic Mania Plus – Nintendo Switch – Released: 7/17/18 – $5 (DLC)/$30 (Physical)

Short Review

Going to be fairly short so just check out the full review!



The DLC doesn’t go to far beyond the original but has a new opening. You are tasked with freeing either Mighty or Ray and the one you don’t pick turns into a Hard Boiled Heavy and the adventure starts exactly how the original starts.

If you want a more in-depth about Story and Gameplay you can read my original review: Click Here!


You can read my other review for a more basic gameplay since this section will be about Mighty and Ray. Mighty is an interesting character as he plays just like Sonic but has a infinite shield as objects will bounce off him. It makes some bosses and stages really easy since he isn’t affected by anything. Ray on the other hand I like to think is like having the cap in Super Mario World. He glides through the air but you have to push left and right to make him go up and down. There are new locations for rings in the Encore mode, new minigame section that is a Pinball Machine, and the Chaos Emeralds are now much harder. The Encore mode is like the “hard” mode for Sonic Mania and I love it!

Personal Experience

I was shocked to find this at my doorstep the day prior and was able to stream it on Twitch a day early. It was a great feeling to pop this game in and get started. Plus doesn’t do anything crazy but the new Encore mode twists things a little while Mighty and Ray gives a lot to the gameplay. Since stages are somewhat different you can spend more time looking for new secrets and using Ray’s and Mighty’s abilities to find new areas. The new ring locations are interesting since my first play I wasn’t able to get many and definitely not enough to go super.

Final Thoughts

Sonic Mania Plus is a dream come true to be honest! If you own Mania for only $5 you are getting a handful of “new” levels and two new characters which is a great price for DLC. Most DLC try to get away with next to little for each part but Plus goes all out so you get the most bang for you buck. I already put 100 hours into Mania so it is unlikely for me to give the same treatment to Plus since it is DLC that I finished in one sitting. I will give Sonic Mania Plus, a 10 out of 10! Which is not surprising since I gave the original without DLC the same score.

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

HERE IT IS #200! I will be posting an update about my website since I was able to get around 200 reviews in one year! Look forward to that post tomorrow!

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