Nintendo Switch – Another World #206

A Classic…. that I never played to the end and confuse with Flashback constantly…


Another World – Nintendo Switch – Released: 7/9/18 – $9.99


Review (Review copy provided by DotEmu)

Another World is a game that for some reason I always confused with Flashback… Thank you to DotEmu for Another World and Microids for Flashback on the Switch which I covered here: Click Here! This would be the first time I am able to right away tell the difference between the two and greatly wish that I grew up with Another World instead of Flashback.

Another World plays more like an arcade game than anything else being a person that still goes to a local arcade to play Dragon’s Lair, it feels identical to that game. I found myself doing silly things that resulted in me having to restart an area or do things slightly out of order. It is a weird experience that sadly is way too short, I really enjoyed running through this game but it is definitely a one and done sort of game. I honesty have no idea why it keeps getting ported to so many different consoles. According to Wikipedia it has been ported over 25 times… The bulk being the 20th anniversary which is a massive improvement over the original but the original holds up pretty well.

This is a game that most people should play as it is a classic game but with the mass amount of ways of playing. It might be best getting it on a classic console if you have the option. Running through this game with the classic graphics was a much better experience than the filter they decided to add to the game. As much as I enjoyed this game the ending is very subpar which made me question if there was a sequel of some sort… and you know what… there is!

“Heart of the Alien” is the sequel to Another World but where is it? Looking online only points to a single port to the SEGA CD and reviewers of the time claim it was better than the original. Why hasn’t this game been ported? For a game that has an amazing first title and apparently an even better sequel what happened. Bundling these together would be a much better deal even if the price double or tripled. I really want to play this game so I did the only logically thing, I went to eBay to purchase a copy.

Then I backed out of it since “Heart of the Alien” is $50 and I don’t own a working SEGA CD, which would be another $100-150 for a working condition one. It is nice to see Another World thriving today but the story is incomplete and deserves the sequel among it. The two together should be hailed together as classic games that were different at the time and told a great story. Sadly I don’t know if “Heart of Alien” will ever see a port to new generation of gamers but just like Another World it should be since I have a feeling I will eventually bend over backwards to obtain a copy. 

Final Thoughts

I am not sure even where to begin with this since Another World has been ported so many times that every gamer should have it by now. Yet I haven’t until now since I always thought Flashback and Another World were the same game. Younger me wasn’t really the sharpest tool in the shed when I saw these games in books. I would have loved this game when I owned a Genesis. I am even more annoyed that I don’t own a SEGA CD so I could at least play Heart of the Alien since the ending of Another World will make you beg for more. It is a sad ending to a series that should be together and hopefully someone out there feels the same way.

Cocktail: Another World!


1/4 oz Cherry Liquor

1/4 oz Passoa (Passion Drink)

1/2 oz Chocolate Liquor

1 Moonshine Cherry

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

Funny enough I think of this review as more of a realization that younger me didn’t really understand graphics and different games. I seemed to have mashed Flashback and Another World together much like I did for Sparkster and Rocket Knight Adventures. Wish I played this growing up since I would love likely loved it. It is a solid game but less about that and more about End Credits… Time has finally come I have one week before work starts. I have about 3 reviews currently just being looked over by other eyes and doing minor edits. I wasn’t able to get any gameplay record this weekend so sorry for the folks that were looking forward to that. The plan is to record gameplay the first time I boot up the game and use that footage for the reviews. 

I’ve been doing a ton of cleaning in the house since my parents are away. Also in the process of selling things since not sure if I have mentioned this but the plan is to move into a house sometime this year. I have been looking into houses and fixing up the houses we already own so either I move into a newer house or fix up one of the older houses and move into one of those. Lately I have been very tired and work starting up soon is keeping me very busy. The reviews will definitely be taking a huge step back but I should be still posting on Instagram regularly if you enjoy cocktails and what I am currently working on. I do plan on streaming during the week with either League of Legends or gameplay for a new game. This greatly depends on which games though since many have restrictions on what can be shown.

So anyway I’ll see you in the next review!

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