Nintendo Switch – Piczle Lines DX 500 More Puzzles! #207

Everytime I get an inch closer to 100% they pulled me right back in!


Piczle Lines DX 500 More Puzzles! – Nintendo Switch – Released: 7/26/18 – $9.99


Review (Review copy provided by Rainy Frog)

I’m not even sure where to begin since Piczle Lines is already one of my favorite go to puzzles games on the Switch that has a ton of content and they just slapped me in the face with 500 more puzzles… Is this good? For me 100% so you can stop reading the review right now and go to my old review of the game which was in my old format: Click Here!

I see you are still here… Well I guess we can talk about my experience with this massive DLC that is only $10. While Piczle Lines DX had free DLC for a good while it is nice to see just a massive amount of it all in one place and it doesn’t include the story so I guess that is a negative. The story is pretty adorable and the original game takes you much slower compared to this DLC pack, which is a stand-alone, you don’t need to purchase the original to play this one. It would have been great to get all 500 for free but that would be doubling the size of the current original game for free. 

Being of fan of the series and being a fan of this DLC, I have never been a fan of hand holding. “500 More Puzzles” starts with a tutorial which is great but wish they had the option to skip it. Once you get into the puzzles it is no walk in the park and on the same level and mid to end game puzzles in the original game. This is the ideal way for me to enjoy a “sequel” game. Just hit the ground running, it reminds me of the original Japan release of Super Mario Bros 2.

Piczle Lines DX is already one of my favorite games so there is no reason why a person shouldn’t check it out by now. It has a demo on Switch so people should be giving that a try. The game is cheaper to enjoy on the Switch compared to the mobile port just letting people know since the DLC is free on Switch but on mobile you have to pay for it. At release it was slightly cheaper on mobile but currently it is cheaper on Switch unless you are getting it on sale for mobile devices. 

Final Thoughts

This is a game that is hard to recommend even though I love it… The problem being if you aren’t sure about if you like the game or not it is best to try out the demo and find out yourself. But on the other hand the 500 puzzles is around the same size and it much harder so you won’t have to go through the slow sections but miss out on the story which is adorable. This is a nice hold over until the next game in the series comes out and it is a bit questionable since they only teased 3D models… Oh yeah! 500 More Puzzles includes artwork which could be a big deal for some people as it shows the improvement done to the characters overtime. Another issue that seems to stem from the original is still the lack of music tracks so it is best to enjoy this game while listening to something else.

My Gameplay Footage:

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End Credits

Well this was a pretty straight forward review… Honestly likely the easiest review out of the last 206 reviews. Not many companies do the whole standalone DLC, actually never mind I believe Xenoblade 2’s DLC is going to be standalone and in some regions coming as its own cart. Really wish more DLC was presented in this way since the developers make the DLC feel more unique and not just tacked on last minute. I’m not a developer but I doubt it takes a lot to produce puzzles like this but having the artwork is a great addition.

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