Nintendo Switch – Garage #211

What if Left4Dead was an overhead view instead of 3rd person?


Garage – Nintendo Switch – Released: 5/10/18 – $14.99


Review (Review copy provided by tinyBuild Games)

One of my favorite arcade games is Robotron 2084 with the perfect mix of killing waves of enemies and taking all my quarters. This genre will always be one of my go to when I have a twin stick set up… sadly the Switch doesn’t have this… yet. Garage takes the elements of twin stick shooters, adds bosses, and puts you in a zombie themed world. Is it original? Not really as the one liner has mentioned, it really reminds me of Left4Dead. 

Even though Garage isn’t very unique it does keep bringing me back for more. As each stage doesn’t provide much difficulty for someone like me, the bosses really make me want to keep playing. They are big, they are crazy, and they will be an issue for you no matter how good you are. Depending on the bosses they will test you at different steps like summoning a wave of smaller enemies to deal with or my favorite the final boss that mixes everything together. 

I do enjoy that Garage has taken the zombie approach of a mixed bag of enemies and don’t limit it to just zombies. You will have zombie rats, evolved zombie mutants, slow zombies, and fast zombies. It is a nice mix for how short the game is and the bosses keep you on your toes as they will do a broad range of attacks. Now sadly the game is padded by having you do silly puzzles like fixing something by collecting items, looking for supplies or just figuring out how to open a door. 

My biggest issue with the game is the length… it is fairly short and offers no replay ability. There are only a handful of chapters that all end with a boss and the story sections are boring. It is kind of sad that the game looks and feels amazing as you take out tons of zombies going from area to area but then stopped by a mysterious woman to explain something to you. I wish more games treated the player like they did for Doom guy… we are here to take out enemies and enjoy our time together.

Final Thoughts

Now just because the game is short and the story is basic, it is still a fun game. I find myself playing it from time to time just to enjoy the final boss. If anything that final boss is a great place to just enjoy the game for what it is worth. A good solid game that gives you all the tools you need with solid gameplay that is worth trying out. Sadly it doesn’t offer enough to fully commit to a purchase so if anything wait for a sale since this is by far the best twin stick shooter on the Switch but it isn’t like there are a ton to compete with it either.

My Gameplay Footage:

Will be uploading this weekend!


End Credits

So it has begun… work has started so reviews will slow down and this is the last one before things slow down until I get into a better groove. I will be streaming more often at least daily at 10PM for an hour before I go to bed so come stop by. But as always I’ll see you in the next review!

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