Nintendo Switch – Spheroids #213

Why does this remind me of an older game…


Spheroids – Nintendo Switch – Released: 7/20/18 – $7.99


Review (Review copy provided by Eclipse Games)

When first booting up this game I was instantly turned off since it is very blocky but the entire aesthetic is the same throughout the game. So if you are a person that isn’t into the entire Minecraft style than this will be a hard pill to swallow. Spheroids is a game that I’m not sure who it appeals to since it is a mix of platforming and “classic” games like Super Buster Bros.

I didn’t grow up playing Super Buster Bros but trying it out today after playing Spheroids was an interesting experience. Spheroids is a very basic game and that is the problem with Super Buster Bros as well. They tried to fit in platforming sections but it is a baby’s first platforming game. There are no stages that I felt as though I couldn’t easily beat. There is also a big issue when it comes to hand holding which I am down for but it was still holding my hand up to the last few stages. Between stages you will be explained simple concepts like ice blocks, anti-gravity boots, and enemies that can re-join together. It is such a pain to see these sections when they could have been explained in a small sign in the beginning of stages.

The bosses…. they are all the same. The only thing that changes between them is the type of blob you will need to fight and where blocks are that either force the boss to split in weird patterns or force you to use the anti-gravity boots. Between each stages you will be able to power up which is great but also makes the game an easier because they let you increase health, add more hooks, longer stop time, or longer slow down time. Then once you reach the end it ends up not being a very big deal as you finish the final boss and move into the credits.

Final Thoughts

Spheroids tries its best to call back on a series of bubble busting games just to fall basic. I didn’t get the appeal of playing Super Buster Bros and Spheroids is just more of the same. After a while the art style did grow on me but the basic nature of the game is a true shame as it is a baby’s first platforming game instead of really going all out on enemies and level design. There should be way to skip between sections, the game needed to be much longer and hard, and overall have more types of enemies. It is a shame since I see potential of an excellent game but they decided to play it safe with a short experience.

My Gameplay Footage:

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End Credits

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