Split Second – ACA NeoGeo Magical Drop 2 #1

Would have loved this game growing up…

Magical Drop 2 – Nintendo Switch – Released: 6/29/18 – $7.99


Split Second Review 

Magical Drop 2 is a puzzle arcade game that I easily confused with Puzzle Bubble while I was looking on the eShop but it is nothing like it. Instead you are tasked with lining up 3 pieces in a Puyo Pop style method of trying to create chains to launch at your opponent. While you do this, they will be doing the same. I am unsure how exactly to counter a chain that is coming at you but I found the best method is to just try and go as quickly as possible to start sending over garbage right away. The game is fairly easy as I was able to beat it within 5 credits without having any knowledge of the game. Depending on the character, you will be having an easier or harder time since each character has special ability and power level. Picking the lowest power level means you will have a tough time while picking the highest power level, you will be breaking them within seconds.

I had a great time playing this game and would gladly recommend to people who want a puzzle game that is a bit different from the norm and I will be picking up Magical Drop 3 in the future!

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits:

This will not be a common thing in the “Split Second” reviews but wanted to clarify what these were for anyone that is just finding out about my website. “Split Second” is going to be dedicated to small bite sized games that can easily be beaten within one sitting or arcade titles. I haven’t been posting as often as I would like to and this is going to fill in that issue…. hopefully lol This semester is going to be rough as I wear multiple hats at work already, going to school, and trying to purchase a house.

I will edited this out once I have a clear page dedicated to listing all these games so please read this part until that page goes live. WordPress is kind of a mess when it comes to adding pages for some reason. I could add the page today but it won’t appear until a few days later or after I unpublish and republish a few times. It is very picky. Might be several reviews before I get that completely sorted out. “Split Second” will only include the basics of a normal review minus final thoughts and trailers (if they can’t be found). Going to be honest most of these reviews will be likely under 5 hours of me playing it or until I beat the game. I will not be doing anything extra like trying to beat it using one credit or trying to play without dying. I will beat the game, write a review, and hit publish for these. “Split Second” will be written in one sitting and only have one to two paragraphs about the game since they will be fairly basic games already. For the game’s footage I will be using the 30 second Switch record feature to quickly get something out since whatever is shown in that short period of time will give you a fair amount to understand what the game is doing.

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