Split Second – GUNBIRD for Nintendo Switch #3

“I am Trump”

Nintendo Swtch - Gunbird - Gameplay Screenshot 2018-09-10 15-09-44

GUNBIRD – Nintendo Switch – Released: 12/7/17 – $7.99

Nintendo Swtch - Inner World - Gameplay Screenshot 2018-09-10 15-08-20

Split Second Review

Bullet Hell shooters are one of my favorite genres so Gunbird piqued my interest right away. Being a game that I have never played I went into it only knowing that it should be tough as nails. Once booted I was greeted by a selection of how hard I wanted it to be. Picking the hardest made sure I wasn’t able to beat it so turning it down a bit allowed me to complete the game with no issues. It is a fairly easy game that fixed my bullet hell urge for several days. Having a simple story of obtaining a magic mirror to grant the owner a wish. I plan on checking out the other Gunbird games in the future and I highly recommend someone who is a fan of bullet hells to check this game out. There are currently three of these games on the eShop so can’t wait to dive into the rest of those as well.

My Gameplay Footage:


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