Nintendo Switch – God Wars: The Complete Legend #216

Definitely feels like a Vita port…

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God Wars: The Complete Legend – Nintendo Switch – Released: 9/4/18 – $39.99

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Short Review (Review copy provided by NIS America)

God Wars is a turn based grid RPG which is one of my favorite genres and this was a game that I played a bit on the Vita but never got invested. It is a more traditional turn based RPG though so you aren’t going to get anything crazy like Disgaea. God Wars: The Complete Legend takes the easy road by just including all the DLC and has the same visuals as the PS4. The problem with this is the PS4 didn’t really look that much different from the Vita version so now getting it on Switch is just more of the same. When looking at the PSTV output compared to the Switch, there is really no noticeable differences. Another issue is it doesn’t have touchscreen support. This is a feature I wish more grid RPGs would use since it would be great to just point and touch the spot you want to move your characters. 

The story is a whole other issue as the game is long…. like really long and it on par with most RPGs. The primary reason for this review being delayed is that it took me close to 90 hours to finish. That doesn’t include any of the DLC either so you really get the most bang for your buck if you want a huge game that is longer than Disgaea. It is a bit of a shame since the same way I feel about God Wars mimics that of The Lost Child. Every time I thought I was nearing the end something else would pull me back into the story and be drawn out just a bit more. Sometimes it would be out of left field like seriously? That is what brings me back to earth. Funny enough the game has a story that is generic as well as it is basically “Save the princess to save the world” that most RPGs use. 

Even though this game does include the extra DLC, it is all post game additions so finishing the game is required. I personally haven’t played much of the DLC since after 90 hours. I really don’t want to spend even more time with this game so if it adds several hours, I don’t plan on diving back in for a while. The other mode is the Labyrinth which is for people who want added challenge, if you have played Disgaea this is a lot like the Item World. As you go deeper into the labyrinth enemies will become harder and areas will become tougher to navigate with your party. 

Final Thoughts

God Wars: The Complete Legend is really a mixed bag as none of the characters really stood out to me. The game does offer a ton of content which I do love but if only the main story didn’t overstay. Gameplay is one that is basic enough that anyone can pick up and play will you want to? This month has been pretty rough when it comes to the range of games available as Disgaea 1 Complete is coming in a month and Disgaea 5 fills me with enough joy as is. God Wars is basic and it is a shame since it did have the potential to be something special if they pushed for small updates to make it stand out like touchscreen support.

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