Split Second – Mummy Pinball #7

Sooooo Pinball games on Switch need rumble at least….


Mummy Pinball – Nintendo Switch – Released: 9/7/18 – $1.99


Split Second Review

Pinball has never been a game that I have ever loved expect for the Nights Pinball in Sonic Adventure 2. I am going to guess just because it was an easier pinball game and not meant to be a full game. I picked up Mummy Pinball because it is super cheap so why not? Apparently I was wrong… It isn’t a bad pinball game but one critical thing is missing, rumble. How can you make a pinball game without rumble? The JoyCons are meant for this sort of thing. Another thing is motion controls? When I am playing a pinball game at the arcade, one of the things is being able to tilt, but they put the tilt on the buttons, which is fair but no motion controls to move the table? It would have been great to tilt the machine by moving the Switch around or the JoyCons if you move quickly. It is a real shame since at $2, it is a pretty fun game that I have played several times but reminds me that super cheap will be missing basic features. It might be best to check out another pinball game but currently I don’t know which ones since this is the only one I have purchased.

My Gameplay Footage:

Will be uploading this weekend!


There are no trailers 😦

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