Split Second – Surgeon Simulator CPR #8

Well this took an unexpected turn of events….


Surgeon Simulator CPR – Nintendo Switch – Released: 9/13/18 – $12.99


Split Second Review 

Surgeon Simulator is one of my favorite PC games so when it was announced for the Switch, I was really excited but there is one problem…. I’ve played it using a mouse and VR. So expectations are really high due to the Switch having motion controls and the ability to use both hands. What could go wrong? Plenty apparently… The game suffers from one fatal flaw that makes me not recommend this game at all.

The motion controls are busted, your hand moves fairly slowly and you cannot move in a 3D space. My instincts were to take off the JoyCons and move my hands around going up, down, back, forward, left, right, and turn. What I got was analog stick to move my hand forward, left, right, and back, holding the ZL button to move my hand down, and L to close my hand. A button to close my hand is fine but why can’t I move the JoyCons all around? Pressing a button to move down, notice I say down since after a while your hand will slowly go back up, and closing your hand creates cramps within minutes. 

Hold your JoyCon with one hand with your pointer finger on L and middle finger on ZL now press the buttons in different ways for a minute. Notice how your hand feels after just one minute, repeat this for at least 2-3 minutes to complete the first stage your first time. The other issue is grabbing, it is one button, what could go wrong? Well, it doesn’t always grab things so I have to press the button repeatedly until I feel the HD rumble to let me know that, Yes, you are holding something. 

Honestly I played the first stage until I beat it… That is all. Do I need to play more? No because my hand already hurts after a little under 3 minutes. Why would I do more when my hand is already in pain so case closed. This is a bad port so don’t bother as motion controls using the JoyCons should have been fully implemented so you can move your hand all over the place.


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