Split Second – The Walking Dead Season 1 #10

I will never really get over that ending…


The Walking Dead Season 1 – Nintendo Switch – Released: 9/7/18 – $24.99


Split Second Review

I wasn’t going to cover this game but since Telltale is basically finished so why not talk about it now… The Walking Dead Season 1 and only Season 1 is one of my favorite Telltale games. First, I DO NOT WATCH THE TV SERIES. Second, I DO NOT READ THE COMICS. So anyone that claims it is because I am a fan of the series is just deadlee wrong. I saw a few episodes here and there and own one of the comics but this was after I played the game. Telltale is a company that I held close since even when they help… things end up even more messed up than they started. Season 1 had some great moments from beginning to end and I ended up buying all of the PC versions to play completely just to get a slap in the face that the series will not be completed. Buying Telltale on Switch was just to show support, even with its overpriced $25 port. Is it worth playing on Switch? No, just because the save transfer will never go from Season 1 to the Final Season and now the Final Season will not be completed so the chances of seeing the rest on Switch is slim to none.

My Gameplay Footage:

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