Split Second – Lanota #11

Rhythm games on Switch… We just need even more of them!


Lanota – Nintendo Switch – Released: 6/14/18 – $14.99


Split Second Review

Lanota and anyone that knows me will know that I love rhythm games. No matter how complicated or simple or fast or slow. If a rhythm game is on the Switch, I will buy it. Lanota is no different but to be honest all rhythm games like it suffer from one massive flaw, they are all better if you use the touchscreen. Most of them do not support buttons and this is one of them so if you are a fan of docked played…. DO NOT pick up this game. The gimmick of this game is the constantly moving play areas. The wheel is always ready to move on the split of a dime so you will not be prepared the first time for any song. If you want to get a great score you will need to play multiple times. Just like every other music game you will tap, hold, and slide your fingers in certain directions. The story isn’t worth discussing since nothing will be as good as Deemo’s story…. if you know Deemo’s story, you will know that it is weird. Lanota is a rhythm game that I’ve spend hours and hours playing even though it is only undocked so should you buy it? Well if you liked MUSNYX, Deemo, or VOEZ, I would say definitely since these games are all in the same vein.

My Gameplay Footage:

No Docked Play!


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