Split Second – Don’t Starve #12

Somethings never change…


Don’t Starve – Nintendo Switch – Released: 4/12/18 – $19.99


Split Second Review

Don’t Starve holds a very weird spot in my heart… yes, it is good but I don’t think it was ever fun. Don’t Starve always felt like a Minecraft sort of game that never ends and you are building toward a goal, you will likely never likely get to. While I never found it fun… my girlfriend has never put this game down. No matter what version I give her, she will spends hours playing it. PC, Wii U, Vita, and now the Switch… and yes, I own 4 copies of this game because I know it is a game I can give to her and she will be entertained for a few hours. The bus ride to NYCC was a breeze since she had this so instead of being on her phone the entire time or napping she played this. So even though I will likely never be fully engulfed in what could be an excellent Switch title finally making its way to the Switch. I know that my girlfriend will easily put enough hours into it to warrant my purchase.

My Gameplay Footage:

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