Nintendo Switch – SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~ #219

Sometimes fighting games are not my jam… surprisingly


SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy – Nintendo Switch – Released: 9/7/18 – $49.99


Short Review (Review copy provided by NIS America)

Fighting games are always something that I pick and play every now and again so this was a game that I couldn’t wait to come out. The reason why this review took so long is because I wanted to see how well it would last over the course of a month. Will it still be supported? Will there still be many players playing? Will I still be playing it here and there?

The good news is the game is still supported and pretty well with two new characters being added to the roster, Skullomania and Thief Arthur. Thief Arthur is a cross over character from Million Arthur which seems to be a Japan exclusive game and is a mobile title. Skullomania is a Street Fighter EX character. Both of these characters are just like Terry, as they were both male characters turn female for the game. While Skullomania is a free character, Thief Arthur is a $5 DLC.

Now on to the bigger issues of are there still many players playing and have I picked up the game and played any more. It is sad to say that during my time playing I’ve had a hard time finding people to play against in general. Before the game was released I wasn’t able to get with anyone for obvious reasons and when the game came out I played a few matches online but today unless you know someone with a copy, you likely won’t be playing online very often. I don’t have any other versions so I can’t even recommend a version to pick up that would have more players.

My enjoyment is limited to say the least. I liked the story and the overall gameplay but the method of dealing the final blow to an opponent is when the game lost me. I could be owning someone but once I have to deal the final blow, the computers would become experts at dodging it. The game really should have an option to play the more traditional way since if I don’t have enough bars to do my Dream Finish or I miss it, I need to recharge it and try again. The final boss really made this a mess due to him already being very hard so to bring him down to a little just to have him block it is a pain.

Even though the game has a gimmicky final blow system, I have ran through the game several times. Many of the characters I just wanted to see what they say during the arcade mode since the story is really bizarre and if anything people should check out what happened to Terry. On the flip side though I haven’t played the game in several days and only for the review, I picked it back up again to check on things.

Final Thoughts

SNK Heroines is in a weird position at least on the Switch. Another great fighting game recently came out and might be the sole reason why no one is currently playing on the Switch version. It is a real shame since the game is fun online, the very few times i was able to experience it but sadly it seems to already be going into a niche status. 

My Gameplay Footage:

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Whew! Been a while for these bigger reviews, I’ve been buckling down on my classes for school so haven’t had as much time but the good part is I can easily line up several Split Second reviews to fill up my time.

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