Split Second – Super Beat Sports #15

When rhythm games get too addictive!


Super Beat Sports – Nintendo Switch – Released: 11/2/17 – $14.99


Split Second Review

Like always rhythm games are some of my favorite games but Super Beats Sports definitely pushed it up a bit. I loved the demo but when the game released I was pretty busy with other games so finally being able to have time and play it resulted in hours. I haven’t been able to put this game down, I’m not sure if it is the style, the music or the combo system. It is pretty solid and being a person that dislikes most sports I was surprised. Each time I boot this game up I spend at least a half hour to an hour trying to 100% a song. The game is surprisingly simple with all the song types being easy to pick up and enjoy. I haven’t been able to play with friends but single player has me pushing to that 100% and it is a game everyone should download the demo to try out. The game isn’t much more than the demo but if you love the demo, you will love the game! Can’t wait to see if Harmonix comes out with another game like this since they have been on a roll with this and Dropmix.

My Gameplay Footage:

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