Split Second – Game Dev Story #17

Well I was really enjoying it but then issues arise! 


Game Dev Story – Nintendo Switch – Released: 10/11/18 – $12.00


Split Second Review

Being a mobile game, I didn’t have high hopes for this game and I am glad I didn’t. Game Dev Story has many issues… being a highly rated mobile game I thought why not give it a chance but because of how poor this game is, I will pass on the other two. Game Dev Story is a trial and error game but you wouldn’t know that until you play the game a few times. With each game you create you have the option between two different types and themes so it could be an Adventure game about Robots or a Educational game about Animals or an Adventure game about Animals or an Educational game about Robots. The problem is you don’t know which combination will be do well together. I am not talking about from a sales point of view, just does an adventure game about animals mesh better than an adventure game about robots. If this isn’t true, it doesn’t matter how much money you put into a game, it will not sell well due to its stats. I could fork over money for the best story writer, artist, and musician but they could do just as well as the lowest paying person just because the combination of Adventure + Animal isn’t a good combination.

Another big issue is things get really expensive quickly so if you want to make games for the newest console but only made one average selling game and a few average games, you won’t be able to afford licencing for the new console. My first run ended when my games couldn’t sell well due to the combinations so eventually even though my team got better and were producing more games, I could never afford a licence for the newest consoles due to the pricing being well out of reach. Then the nail in the coffin, when I made my 30th game, the game froze when I tried to change the name and that is when I put the game down for the first time. Once crash is enough for me to say, this game isn’t worth picking up certainly for the $12 price tag.

My Gameplay Footage: Video of the Crash


No Switch trailer…. actually there are no trailers for this game at all.

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