Split Second – Kemono Friends Picross #19

This was the line that was crossed on full vs split second reviews…


Kemono Friends Picross – Nintendo Switch – Released: 10/4/18 – $9.99


Split Second Review (Review copy provided by Jupiter)

This was the review that broke the camel’s back to be honest. While it is a big game, it doesn’t need a full review as Jupiter has taken a popular manga/anime series named Kemono Friends and skinned Picross S2 with it. The game has all the same flaws and issues as Picross S2 so if you want to read that review I’ll link it here: Click Here The only inclusions are the art works you receive when you complete a stage. These are typically based on one of the characters. So instead of talking about Picross since I have already reviewed this exact same game, I’ll be talking about Kemono Friends since I watched two episodes to figure out what is special about it. Kemono Friends from what I have gathered is an anime about a zoo that takes care of endangered species. Then the animals are changed into girls for some reason. I haven’t gotten far enough for anything beyond that but it is pretty weird and seems to cater to sex appeal.

So the question is should you pick up this game? Ehhhhh I am not a fan of the show but enjoy Picross enough that I enjoy it so if you don’t mind the skin then you have a new set of puzzles. But to be honest the price is now a bit too much when Konami just put out a Picross game on mobile for free…

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