Split Second – Tangrams Deluxe #20

Well I thought I was good at this games but I was so wrong…


Tangrams Deluxe – Nintendo Switch – Released: 9/27/18 – $4.99


Split Second Review (Review copy provided by Vertical Reach)

Tangrams is a puzzle series that everyone has likely encountered at school at some point. You are tasked with connecting pieces of paper to form an object which could be a house, animal, or toy. If you grew up using a home computer like I did, you may have had a Star Wars educational game that has these in them. The problem with Tangrams Deluxe is pieces do not lock in place so unless you are 100% right you will never progress. Growing up playing these games I thought “okay, no sweat, I am an adult that understands this much better now” but nope! It was a nightmare… so this game doesn’t have an “easy” mode, it hits the ground running. The first puzzle took me like a half hour then I had to put it down. It is a pain that pieces don’t lock in so for the most part, I think this is a game for teens to adults but as an adult I no longer want to spend that kind of time on a puzzle game.

So the question is should you pick up this game? For me definitely a no, the game works great and plays great but I don’t have the time to do these types of puzzles anymore. I do wish I was better at them but as it stands, I likely will never finish this game or even come close to finishing it.

My Gameplay Footage:

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