Split Second – Road to Ballhalla #22

Does anyone remember Marble Madness?


Road to Ballhalla – Nintendo Switch – Released: 9/2/18 – $14.99


Split Second Review (Review copy provided by TinyBuild)

Marble Madness was a game that I was never good at because of one thing… the timer. Timers in older games always messed me up since it wasn’t a matter of skill but a matter of can you beat the time. Having the option is a different story but forcing it onto the player to me is just a way to pad the game. Road to Ballhalla isn’t one such game but involves controlling a ball through many levels as you figure out small puzzles. These can be passing through lasers, surviving damage pads, or out running a giant ball.

I really enjoyed running through this game but then the elephant in the room shows up… it is short. I am not talking about a short and sweet game. I am talking about from start to finish I can beat it within 3 hours. I was able to beat this game in one sitting and even had to time to beat another game in the afternoon. This is a game that could excel if it had more levels and even more to do. The stages aren’t very hard and the bulk of them are fairly short so why not expand on the simple idea to have hundreds of levels?

So the question is should you pick up this game? Likely no sadly since the overall game can be beaten in a short period of time, while there is replayablilty unless you are into that sort of thing there is no point, and by the time you finish you will feel as though the game doesn’t offer a ton of content. Coming from TinyBuild is a surprise since most of their games offer a ton of content and explain on ideas while Road to Ballhalla feels as though it just touch on an idea.

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