Split Second – NoReload Heroes #23

Now this is a mixed game with some solid enjoyment!


NoReload Heroes – Nintendo Switch – Released: 7/19/18 – $9.99


Review (Review copy provided by Forever Entertainment)

Now this is a pretty awesome game butttttt we need to discuss somethings. For me, it is way too easy. As a game that is about leveling up, defeating hordes of enemies, and taking out big bosses, I felt as though I never died. Twin stick shooters for me always should be tough as nails so going into this the only thing that felt tough as nails were bosses but once you figured out their pattern, which took seconds, you easily defeated them.

NoReload Heroes suffers from that massive flaw as normal enemies are never a threat but the big bosses will hit you hard and fast. The big bosses are just a bigger form of the normal enemies so you aren’t getting a ton of variety for them either. The story is pretty comical as you are a group that create a monster that basically goes out of control. Your job is to find and defeat him.

So the question is should you pick this up? It is a fun little game but I personally got enough enjoyment out of it to play it several times. I think it has enough content to be enjoyable once or twice through with friends but the game is overall too easy.

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