Split Second – Pianista #24

Well this was unexpected for a rhythm game about Classic music


Pianista – Nintendo Switch – Released: 10/25/18 – $24.99


Split Second Review

Secret Time (but not really), I have a degree in Music Education in Piano. So I am pretty good at playing the piano so when I saw this game, I lost my mind. I had to buy it right away but I didn’t expect it to be so hard and have several issues as a music game. First point about how hard it is, the game going from 0 to like 50 within the first few stages of the “Career” mode. In that mode you unlock different piano skins, these are great and look amazing but the road block is each set of 4 songs requires some intense playing. I am currently stuck on 7 due to it requiring you to get a set number of points. This isn’t that bad but the game scores terribly. Which brings up my second point, if you “Perfect” a song it could still be a 4 out of 5 star performance. This doesn’t make any sense…

If I were to play at a concert perfectly from beginning to end, no one would have any issues and love it. The game wants more than perfect which is flawless playing and not a split second delay on hitting those notes. So back to the level I am stuck on… I have perfected 3 out of 4 songs but some minor slips due to not getting the highest points per note I still failed the set. This is such a slap in the face as I have gotten as high as 1,000 combo yet still fail.

Then the nail in the coffin, some songs are not the complete songs. Songs will stop at random points, I noticed this with some of Chopin’s songs as they are fairly long but why stop them in the middle. To me this is a very bad thing, at $25 for a game you should be getting full songs since it is a digital game with no retail release. So should you pick up this game? No, I really would love to recommend it but incomplete songs, perfect timings and impossible 100% perfect songs are very big issues… and never play this game on a TV since you will never be able to perfect a song due to any minor lag.

My Gameplay Footage: This game doesn’t allow for recording via share button.


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