Split Second – Hidden Folks #25

Basically black and white “Where’s Waldo”/ I SPY


HIdden Folks – Nintendo Switch – Released: Date – $Price


Split Second Review

Growing up I owned a ton of I SPY games on our computer and this is identical to this but much harder in my opinion. The problem stems from it being all in black and white and like a “Where’s Waldo” book it is a huge area to explore. So if you didn’t like I SPY games or liked the “Where’s Waldo” books you are going to have a ton of trouble with this game…. but I love them so I am loving this game! Hidden Folks is adorable, a blast to quickly open up and squeeze in a few objects, close and return to later. I’ve been slowly trying to 100% this game because I am enjoying it so much. Every area is themed with areas such as the beach, city, jungle, or a factory. Now some of these areas can be hard as looking for those final few extra objects at the end of a “Where’s Waldo” book. My first time booting it up I completed the first area which was the jungle but the break between stages was a breath of fresh air. One stage had you helping a character go across bridges and you had to help them not die from snakes, hit a bag of rocks to move the bridge down or knock away tree branches to clear a path.

So the question is should you pick up this game? Well I picked it up and loved it but I went knowing exactly what it was and knew I would love it. It is a game genre that I grew up with and would bother my parents to let me play at the Apple Store… Do people remember when Apple had the bubble Macs with the bean bag like chairs in a circle for children?

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