Nintendo Switch – Piffle #227

The Return of the Human in a Cat Suit

Piffle – Nintendo Switch – Released: 10/2/20 – $19.95

Short Review

Piffle is an interesting game since it is one of those mobile games that finds their way to the Switch for obvious reasons. That could be a good thing or a bad thing and most times it is definitely a bad thing… But Piffle is a game that I’ve sunk a ton of time into just like anyone with a smartphone and a craving for a random time killer. So this puts Piffle in a position where I’ve beaten the entire game for free on my phone yet I didn’t ask for a review copy and paid full price for it. I can hear you saying “So why” because Piffle is a good game, it is basic, sure but just like any mobile game they can be addictive and fun. I’m also the person that constantly plays “#Breakforcist Battle” which isn’t a game that made it to mobile but a game that fits right into that “cat”egory.

Piffle has a simple goal, throw cats at blocks and clear all the blocks. Repeat this until you complete the game… There are special blocks like blocks that are cut in half that change the angle once they are hit, blocks that give you an electric powerup, blocks that explode, ice blocks that slowly move, you get the point.

Final Thoughts

Piffle is a game I spent a ton of time on mobile and honestly I know I will love it for a very long time but if you have any mobile device give it a try on there. If you find yourself wrapped into saying “Just one more” before hitting the pay wall and wanting to just continue. Then you should pay up but if not, still to mobile since it is much more portable and if you want to throw some money at the developers for their work. Buy things on the mobile app.

I would give this game an 8 out of 10. It isn’t perfect but it is a great time waster plus who doesn’t love cats?

My Gameplay Footage: Will upload soon!


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