Nintendo Switch – QUBE 10th Anniversary – #230

Welcome back old friend…. video games can’t be friends…Screenshot 2022-09-29 16-33-41

QUBE 10th Anniversary – Nintendo Switch – Released: 9/28/2022 – $19.99

Screenshot 2022-09-29 16-32-05Short Review (Review copy provided by Renaissance PR)

Throwing away some of my bias out the window for this review as it is a game that I purchased and was excited to purchase 10 years ago….

Q.U.B.E. is a puzzle game that involves manipulating boxes with the power of your hands. Face value this game likely looks like some sort of Portal clone and I don’t remember the original having a deep story this version has cutscenes and added dialogue. Even a friend walking by thought I was playing a new Portal game so yes, it does have that same feeling but the puzzle aspect has nothing to do with portals. The game has a focus on several different block and environment manipulating and for the most part it ramps up fairly quickly. This is likely due to the game being fairly short, there is no reason for a game like this to be very long as the puzzles do get stale quickly. The problem with the game is the puzzles, they overstay their welcome by being either too easy or too difficult on your first run through.

The sections are broken up into a handful of puzzles using the new power and all previous powers. The first one is fairly simple with just moving back and forth as you go you get a bounce pad, a triple height version, moving clockwise and counterclockwise, and directing a ball to a set location. Each section has a handful of “stages” and these are typically, easy to hard and then you move on. Repeat it until you finish the game but by the end the game gets so difficult that you will likely be spending as much as a half hour to an hour on a puzzle room. While this is great for people who enjoy taking their time, the final few stages are horrible for people who are short on time. The game isn’t really built for bite sized pieces by that point as you are using all the powers, moving multiple blocks, lasers, flipping switches, using basically teleporters to move the blocks into other locations, and the list goes on.

Final Thoughts

QUBE was a game that during the time was good but hasn’t aged well in the fast paced nature of puzzle games together. A game I still fondly remember trying to solve them as I was in college but today…. Not so much and the game falls flat as it feels as though it should have been released along side QUBE 2 as a bundled released and not as a cheap experience but more so a full “collection” with both titles. I do hope QUBE 2 makes it onto the Switch in the future but for now wait until then if you want to experience both games together or wait for a deep discount for this version of the game.

Review Score: 2 out of 5

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Figured I should bring this back to help show other reviewers, streamers, and youtubers that nothing has to be dead forever and with some motivation you can do it again. Thanks for taking the time out to read my review and I hope to see you guys again soon!

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