Nintendo Switch – Trifox #231

It is so close to being pretty solid….

Trifox – Nintendo Switch – Released: 10/14/22 – $19.99

Short Review

Sometimes an idea can make an excellent result and sometimes that result can feel like something nostalgic even though you have never played it before. Trifox sits in the realm of being a game is having an identity crisis, in one hand the game is presents itself with an absurd story of a fox that is just looking for his remote after his TV was broken and remote stolen by pirates…. or at least that it what it seems like from the beginning. If this game was made 20 years ago, this story would be a solid AAA story. Once in game (at least for the Nintendo Switch port), it is very low resolution but handled well enough that it is acceptable. For a second, I thought I was looking at a lost Crash Bandicoot game. Sadly, I know this isn’t what the developers envisioned for the game and this is a game truly meant to be played on a higher end console. Seeing screenshots of the other ports and it is a world of difference, sadly the Switch port is not a looker but then again how many Switch ports are great when compared to the other consoles.

Once the game gets rolling the main issue is the sprint, it takes forever to ramp up. The game feels sluggish because of it, not sure if this is a Switch problem or a problem across all the versions. It is something that makes the game fairly hard to predict jumps as well since the speed required for some just make you feel like you are going to come up short. One benefit would have been a run button or the option to toggle between walking and running. Weird to see a game that tried to embrace momentum when areas can be fairly small and jumps can be fairly close to missing. After you get use to it though, the game feels solid up until the end. It is a breath of fresh air that made me feel like I was playing an old classic game rather than a game that came out in 2022. The puzzles are all fairly easy with wave after wave combat being the only negative as sometimes these wave battles drag forever. The first one I had felt like it overstayed its welcome and then the boss came out and was easy to beat due to the walls to hide behind on both sides. It is a strange mix of being easy and being drawn out in some areas.

Final Thoughts

While the game isn’t a looker on Switch there is nothing I can do or likely the developer can do to improve that. I personally would steer away from the Switch port if you have any other options. The Switch isn’t the way to enjoy this game and it is a game that most people will enjoy for its humor and gameplay. If I played another version, I would definitely give it high marks on graphics since the Steam page makes it look excellent, I do wonder what specs they are running for that version since it looks very clean compared to the blurriness of the Switch port.

Score: 3 out of 5

This review was based on the game before the patch to speed up the running and that patch is a must that would easily boost this game up in its review score.


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