I am an avid gamer that spends way too much time playing games but still gets my work done on time! I started “100 Hour Reviews” since I didn’t see anyone covering a game over a long period of time. I tend to do a short review that is just based on me completing the game and how I felt with it during that time and then once I reach the magically 100 hour mark I review the game again to show how the game has aged over time. Most reviewers I feel cover a game once and never come back to it or cover a game, give a score and then never update the review after DLC or extra content is added. I will cover a lot of Switch reviews currently because being a full time teacher as well as gamer means I can put more time into Switch games for the time being. 

Gaming Setup:

Some people might be interested in knowing what a person works with and I think my setup is pretty basic. The only thing I would upgrade is likely the chair since it can feel weird at times. Definitely my table since it is made of all wood and has a ton of storage that I don’t use. Advice for someone just starting out. I highly recommend just getting a cheap tablet and just start typing. Originally that was what I was doing before I got the new desktop. There really is no difference between the two, I only use the desktop to play my steam games or League of Legends. 

HP Pavilion Power 580-023w 

This is what I mainly record my gameplay footage and type up reviews. Surprisingly runs great for a pre-built. I was able to get it for a great price at Walmart last year and never looked back.

ASUS – VP228H 21.5″ Monitor

Not the greatest screen in the world but does its job fairly well. I just like being able to quickly press a button and switch over to night mode which is used the bulk of the day. 

Blue Yeti

I’ve had this microphone for several years. I needed a good microphone for recording audio in college so this was the best deal at the time. A great purchase for anyone starting out or the Blue Snowball.

MacBook Pro Mid 2012

My college laptop that I used to write all my papers, it is mainly used for editing videos since the CPU and RAM are better than the desktop. I am better at using iMovie than any editing program on Windows. When it isn’t doing edits, it serves as a Plex server.

Razer DeathStalker Expert 

A lot of people like to hate on Membrane keyboards but this was the closest thing to feeling like a MacBook to me. It isn’t very loud which is also a bonus since I don’t want to be waking up anyone or annoying anyone with loud clicking from the keyboard.

Steelseries  Sensei Wireless Mouse

This is a pretty average mouse in my opinion. I loved my Diablo 3 Mouse from Steelseries but when they mouse bit the dust. I requested a replacement and they no longer sold it so they offered to send me this one. It has issues charging so I don’t really recommend it and sometimes the sensors are a bit off.

Steelseries Diablo 3 Mousepad – Witch Doctor 

Just my favorite character in Diablo 3. I played a ton in college and got the mousepad when I got the mouse. It has seen better days but still feels great.

AUKEY Gaming Mouse Pad XXL

This is mainly to hold everything on my table. It is big enough that my desktop, monitor, and mouse pad all lay on top of it. 

Essentials by OFM Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair

Fairly cheap gaming chair… I was originally using no name brand rolling chair which I still use from time to time. This chair mainly feels better when I am sitting on it or laying back to play games.